FK Spartak 0-4 FK Jagodina

Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 1500

When a man works five or six days a week does not remain to him very much time for hobbies and entertainment. I would not say that I do not like that I was again on this stadium, I visit him since childhood, but would prefer that I went to a some new. Anyway, I think so far I have not described entering the stands. After you pass through the stadium gate, coming on top of the west stand. Below you, practically in a hole, the green grass, sight for sore eyes. Fantastic view, especially when is the beautiful day like today. Admission was 250 rsd, which is about 2.50 euro, unlike the previous match when he was free. Beautiful practice of sharing programs for the game still continues. 

At the stadium, I arrived about half an hour before the start, as always do. Over loudspeakers was greeted by a song "It´s beautiful day..." from U2. Music continued with fans song, whose text reads "we live on the stand ...". It was really nice day, the temperature of twenty degrees in October. The sun is shining, everything is ready for the football spectacle. Already gathered a lot of people, the match is about to start.

But from the very beginning something was not good in the host team. Guests are more aggressive, wanting to win a point they retreated to his own half and wait for counterattacks. On the astonishment of the audience, the guests have already gave two goals after 26 minutes, and could have two more. Just the second half began, the hosts scores. An own goal. I think at that moment was definitely known who is the winner. Objective domestic audience at the end with applause greeted the winners. It was not liked the group of the most loyal fans and there have been some inappropriate cried. But in the end, about 1,500 people peacefully went their separate ways. 

I had yet to check when is the Spartak lost with such great difference. They are a solid team. I found a date of 21 April 2007. That day they lost by 1-7, in a season in which they were eliminated from the second division, in the darkest period in its history. After that only two times, in 2009, they lost by three goals difference. I hope that today was just a really bad day and nothing more. 

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