Széktói Stadion

Kecskeméti TE 2-0 Győri ETO FC
OTP Bank Liga NB I - I
Széktói Stadion,
att: 1,500

Kecskemét is a city in the central part of Hungary. Lies halfway between the capital Budapest and Szeged. Kecskemét can be reached with bus, train or car. The M5 freeway connects Kecskemét to Budapest on north and Serbia on south. Also can be reached via the 53 and 54 regional motorways. The main train and bus stations are located about 10 minutes east of downtown, where most of the attractions are and can easily be reached by foot, such as the aqua park or Széktói stadium next to him. 
Kecskeméti TE plays its home games at Széktói Stadion. Stadium capacity is 4,300 seats, and standing room for 2,000 in the standing-only sections. It was built in 1962. In 2002 it was completely renovated. 
The club was founded in 1911. The promotion to NB I was finally archieved in 2008 and on the centenary of the club has achieved the greatest success. The club reached their zenith in 2011 by winning the Magyar kupa and the club would be able to play their first international match since they qualified for the Europa league.
Today's match was promised a good football. Admission was 1,000ft or 1,400ft, which is 3.5€ or 5€, if you're not a visiting fan, because then you pay your ticket 1,500ft. What is lacking in matches in Serbia, here is the standard, buffet, beer and souvenirs. As the temperature was tropical, the sale of beer is going well.
In the first minutes of the match Győr was dangerous. They missed several chances and as usual, when one team misses great opportunities, will be punished immediately on the other side. In 23rd minutes the referee has shown on white spot and home team lead. The penalty cut the guests confidence. Driven by constant cheering of domestic crowd, the home team scored another goal by the end of the first half. Second half passed in a much more active game for guests, but the home goalkeeper was unbelievable, what man is all defended! 
Győr lost the chance for the title, and we are after heavy meals, headed back on the road which is dangerous. From the darkness of the road have lay in wait various types of wildlife, deers, wild rabbits, weasels, and whores.


FK Radnički 1-0 FK Kolubara
Prva liga Srbija - II
 Gradski stadion, Sombor
att: 300

Sombor is situated in the far northwest of Serbia. The distance from the border crossing is 25 km to the Croatian border and 28 km to the Hungary. The city is located between the Pan European Corridors 7 and 10. Seven kilometers from the city itself is located a military airport, which is intended for future civilian traffic. The city is connected with good bus routes to major cities, like Novi Sad and Subotica. 
On this day come to the stadium and the city of Sombor was the right skill. The entire region was blocked, because dissatisfied farmers set up their tractors on roads, in a strike against some government decisions. 
Gradski stadion or city stadium is located next to bus station on the southern edge of town. This of course is not the first visit to this stadium, as you can see earlier, and frankly I was expecting that might be finished the new east stand, but it is raised the roof structure only, and nothing more. The old west stand is in a disastrous state. Nevertheless, about 300 people gathered to watch the match, which means the survival in the league. Radnički is with goal in the 47th minutes got one of the most important matches of the season. Admission was 150din (1,5€) how is writing on the posters for the game but on ticket write 100din. The explanation is that these old tickets?! Anything is possible in Serbia. Again the people managed in different ways to watch the match and not pay a ticket. In the end, is only important  love to football. We leave Sombor and go away on some new places...

Dušan Silni-Mala Bosna

FK Dušan Silni 2-0 FK Mala Bosna
GFL Subotica - VI
Gradski stadion, 2nd auxiliary pitch, Subotica


FK Zrinjski 1932 1-7 FK Žednik
GFL Subotica - VI
"Bratstvo", Subotica
att: 74



FK Spartak 5-1 FK Vojvodina
Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 1,000

Rain, sun and goals were replacing like on the bar. Those who has suffered all the temperaments of nature, in April on the Spartak stadium, will have something to remember. Blue and white symphony! Those who did not come to the stadium remained dry. A particular problem is the prohibition to entering umbrella on the stands, due to security reasons as well as sales of beer. And in the last matches was rained. The real parking does not exist, the stadium is in a disastrous condition, no roof, and who knows when something will be done on this issue. Until then only the most faithful will come to the matches. 
Spartak in the 11th minute took the lead. Just three minutes later the advantage was doubled. Spartak continued to shake guests the net. By halftime it was already 3-0. At the beginning of the second half, the advantage was reduced. After receiving goal, Spartak did not stopped with the game, a new rush of blue pigeons for 4-1 "on the scoreboard". At the end 5-1 for a quiet Saturday afternoon for Suboticans.
At the end of the match one more act of hooliganism on the Serbian stadiums. Visiting fans are not able to reconcile with such a defeat, entered into conflict with their goalkeeper and broke the fence. Unbelievable!

Stephen Appiah