April 26th

FK Železničar (Beograd) 2-1 FK Lepušnica
Beogradska zona - IV
Stadion na Starom sajmištu, Beograd
att: ~45

FK Dorćol 1-0 FK IM Rakovica
Srpska liga "Beograd" - III
Stadion GSP Polet, Beograd
att: ~165


OFK Balkan Mirijevo 3-0 FK Zvezdara (Beograd)
Beogradska zona - IV
Stadion OFK Balkan, Beograd
att: 80

150 Rsd

OFK Balkan Mirijevo is football club based in Mirijevo, an urban neighborhood of Belgrade located 11 kilometers east of downtown. The club was founded in 1926. During 90s the club was known as Balkan Bukovica after sponsor. During this period in 1993 the club gets a new stadium at the current location. Also, the club has a faithful group of fans called "Šumari" (or foresters).


Padinska Skela

Padinska Skela or colloquially Padinjak is a suburban settlement of Belgrade, located 15 kilometers north of downtown Belgrade, on the road to Zrenjanin. FK PKB is football club from Padinska Skela, founded in 1950. The club currently plays in Beogradska zona, which is fourth tier in Serbian football. Their stadium has two separate stands. The main bigger stands has covered central part while the other, small is a VIP stand. The total capacity is 285 seats.

April 2015


FK Poštar Zvezdara (Beograd) 3-0 FK Brodarac (Beograd)
Prva Beogradska liga, grupa "A" - V
 PIM "Ivan Milutinović", Krnjača
att: 46


FK LSK (Laćarak) 2-2 FK ŽSK (Žabalj)
Novosadsko-Sremska liga - IV
Stadion LSK-a, Laćarak
att: 149

Laćarak is a suburb of town of Sremska Mitrovica. FK LSK or Laćarak Sport Klub is football club founded in 1928. Throughout history the club has changed names and was FK Drvodeljac and FK Varda until 1963 when he returned name LSK. Their stadium is located in the center of village on the main road. The stadium has one stand, which was reconstructed in 2014 together with club building. Stand is covered and has a capacity of 288 seats. 


FK Mitros (Sr.Mitrovica) 2-0 FK Planinac (Ležimir)
Gradska liga Sr.Mitrovica - VII
Igralište Mitrosa, Sremska Mitrovica
att: ~65


FK Donji Srem (Pećinci) 4-0 OFK Beograd
Jelen Super liga - I
Kutpoint Arena, Pećinci
att: 300

The village Pećinci is located in the lower Sremsouth of Belgrade-Zagreb highway. From the Belgrade international airport is 15 km away.
The first club in Pećinci was FK Borac, founded in 1927. Since 1963 is succeeded by FK Donji Srem. Since 1978 ground is located on the present site called Suvača. The biggest success of the club in the history is entry into Super league in 2013
after which started reconstruction of the stadium. Capacity of stadium is 3,500 seats. Last year the club sold the rights to name of the stadium and since then is called Kutpoint Arena. 


FK Vinogradar (Ledinci) 0-1 FK TSK (Temerin)
Novosadska liga - V
Igralište Vinogradara, Ledinci
att: 48

Ledinci is a village in the metropolitan area of Novi Sad. FK Vinogradar is football club from Ledinci, founded in 1932. The club currently plays in the fifth rank of competition. Their playing area is located in beautiful surroundings between creek and hills. 


FK Hajduk (Beška) 1-3 FKBudućnost (Gložan)
Novosadsko-Sremska liga - IV   
Stadion Hajduka, Beška
att: 140
Beška is the second largest settlement in the municipality of Inđija. Located in the northern part of the municipality on the slopes of Fruška gora, near the banks of the Danube and the highway E-75. FK Hajduk is football club from Beška. The club was founded in 1926 and his biggest success was playing in Vojvodjanska league. FK Hajduk currently plays in fourth rank of competition. Their home stadium is located in the center of village and is practically surrounded by neighborhood yards. Small stand has a capacity of 240 seats.