FK Spartak 1-1 pen.3-5 FK Vojvodina
Serbian cup, 1/4 finals
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 1,500

Spartak has awaited today's duel in great shape and with great expectations. Rival for the placement in the National Cup semi-final is their biggest rival Vojvodina. The match between these two rivals is local, Vojvodina derby. What is importance of this encounter shows the information that the admission was free for fans. Free entry, but the working day and at the stadium is gathered barely 1.500 people. Spartak score the goal in the first half and led until the added time, and then a shock to the most fans at the stadium.
Equalizing goal and decision  follows on the penalties. Roulette on penalties has brought joy to the guests and grief to the home supporters. 


BASK Arena

FK BASK 2-0 FK Sopot
Srpska liga "Beograd" - III
Stadion na Carevoj ćupriji, Beograd


The first sports club in Belgrade was founded in 1903, football club Soko. Since 1913 the club changed its name to BASK, which is the acronym for Belgrade academic sports club. Once was an academic and now is an amateur club. In the postwar period disappears and in 1953 was re-born. The biggest success is the entry in the super-league in season 2010/11, but the club has not played a single game in this competition, because he withdrew from the competition. FK BASK today is in the Serbian league, third rank of competition and 100 years of history is greater than the current value of the club.
Their stadium is located in the place that is called Careva ćuprija (The Emperor's Bridge) near the same name Belgrade hippodrome. After the renovation in 2011 is also known under the name BASK Arena. At the stadium was set new artificial pitch and the capacity of the stadium is about 3,500, but with only 420 seats. So this stadium entered in the Serbian football history as the first on which was played official match on the artificial surface.
Todays match was very bad. Admission was less than €2, but that does not attract more people to come. The atmosphere at the game was like in the theater. The only interesting were groundhoppers, whom was a full stadium. They are the fans what each club may wish. They are always there.


FK GSP Polet is football club from Belgrade, Serbia. It was founded in 1929. The club curently plays in "Beogradska zona" which is the fourth tier of Serbian football. Their home ground is located at Dorćol and is commonly called ground near Nebojša tower.
FK Dorćol.pngTheir fiercest rival is FK Dorćol, when they play in the same level of competition that is the derby. They share the stadium, but currently FK Dorćol plays in the upper range of competition, in Srpska liga "Beograd", and they were much younger club, founded in 1952.
As always, when I have the opportunity to enter in a stadium, regardless of whether there is a match or not I will use the opportunity for a couple of photos. 


Eternal derby

FK Crvena Zvezda 3-2 FK Partizan
Jelen Superliga - I
Stadion C.Zvezde, Beograd
att: 44,155

The eternal derby is the local derby in Belgrade in Serbia, between the most fierce rivals, Red Star and Partizan. These two teams are the most popular in the country. Derby matches were always greatly anticipated in the entire region and very popular in the world, so it's not surprising when a lot of people from abroad come to this match, especially groundhoppers. It is more than a game! There are many derbies in world football but very few compare to this. Incidents between the two sides are almost indispensable part of the story. Pyrotechnics, fireworks and incredible noise are always present at the match. This game is always of extreme importance for both sides as can often be decisive in championship. Still derby is the most beautiful thing in Serbian football. Today was the 143th and the first time it happened that one team leads at halftime and the second win at the end.


FK Čukarički 2-0 FK Banat
Prva liga Srbija - II
  Stadion na Banovom brdu, Beograd
 att: 150
When I received a message from my friend from Poland, that the group of European groundhoppers arrive on the eternal derby in Belgrade, I did not much thought and I immediately went to Belgrade. The first game that I watched in the company of true fans of football was between Čukarički and Banat. 
FK Čukarički is football club from Belgrade, Serbia. The club was founded in 1926. It was founded under the name ČSK and from the beginning was wearing black and white colors. Since 1948, the club carries current name. In the mid nineties enters into first division and has since steadily between the two highest-ranking competitions. The biggest success was winning the sixth place and playing in the UEFA Intertoto Cup. The club currently plays in 1.liga Srbija, which is the second tier of Serbian football. Their stadium is located at Banovo Brdo in the southwestern part of Belgrade since 1969 when it was built. After renovations capacity of the stadium is 3,500 seats. 
For today's match, admission was free and is gathered around 150 people. In the not-so-interesting game after five games without victory Čukarički won 2-0.
When the match ended, after a short refreshing break, we're heading to the scene of eternal derby.


4th league derby

FK Bačka 1901 2-1 FK Vršac
Vojvodjanska liga "Istok" - IV
Stadion kraj Somborske kapije, Subotica
att: 120



FK Kordun 1-1 FK Borac B.Gračac
PFL Sombor - V
Stadion Korduna, Kljajićevo
Kljajićevo is a village in Serbia, in the municipality of Sombor. It is located 13 km from the town of Sombor on the road that connects Sombor with Novi Sad. In this village with about 6,000 inhabitants, a football club was founded in 1947. The club is named after the region from where are the people who immigrated after world war II, from Kordun. FK Kordun plays their home matches at the stadium, which is simply called by the name of the club. There´s even a small covered stand with 138 seats. Admission was 100 Rsd (€1), but although the club currently plays in Regional league, which is fifth rank of competition, on the ticket writes the name of the league that once played and which no longer exists under that name. Does not matter, the precious piece of paper in hands, the game, a few photos and back on the road.


Sombor, once more

FK Radnički 2-0 FK Dinamo Pančevo
Srpska liga Vojvodina - III 
Gradski stadion, Sombor
att: 100