FK Petrovaradin 1-0 FK Veternik
PFL Novi Sad - V
SC Petrovaradin
att: 66
Petrovaradin is located next to Novi Sad, on the right bank of the Danube river. It is famous for its fortress and for the EXIT music festival, held there every July. FK Petrovaradin is football club founded in 1925. The club plays its matches in the sports center Petrovaradin, which was reconstructed two years ago and within it there is a handball court, playground and several grassy field. Sports center can be reached by taxi from Novi Sad for a few euros. There is a football ground with only one open hard standing at which for today match had gathered only 66 people (head count). Admission was free. Once here was a group of fans who knew how to make a good atmosphere but who knows where these guys are now. One goal at the beginning of the match, red card before the end of the half and going home for winter break.


FK BSK Borča 2-4 FK Smederevo
Prva liga Srbija - II
Vizelj park, Borča
att: 150

Borča is an settlement of Belgrade, just ten km of the downtown. FK BSK (Borča Sports Club) is a football club from Borča. The club was founded in 1937. In the new millennium the club having the largest successes, played in the second and third rank of competition but in 2009 they entered for the first time in the highest rank of Serbian football. After four years of playing in Superleague, the club has relegated so today they plays again in Prva liga Srbije, which is 2nd tier. Their stadium Vizelj park is located in part of the settlement which is called Borča III. The stadium can be reached with bus 95 to the last station. Bus can be taken from Zeleni Venac, which is not far from main train and bus station. The stadium was opened in 2011 when it built a new west stand with a capacity of 1,700 seats. Older eastern stand is smaller and quite distant from the pitch. Their sports center also holds two additional pitch so that the conditions for the the playing of this level is quite good.
Admission for today's match was free as well as for most of the matches. This does not affect the visit, with considering that only a one hundred fifty people gathered
to see six goals on a single game. Is it a little?

The stadium can be reached with
is located
is located


FK ŽSK Žabalj 3-0 FK Budućnost Gložan
PFL Novi Sad - V
Stadion ŽSK, Žabalj
att: 90

Žabalj is place and municipality in Serbia, situated in geographical centre of Vojvodina. Located on the road M7 that connects Novi Sad and Zrenjanin, it is well connected to big cities nearby and it is quite easy to get there.
FK ŽSK is a football club based in Žabalj. The club was founded in 1927 and currently is by far the most successful sports club in the municipality. Currently plays in the PFL Novi Sad, in the fifth rank of competition, in which currently holds the first place, with the expectation that they will stay there and so to repeat their success from the 1995th season. Their stadium is located at the exit from the Žabalj on the road to Čurug. It has a stand built in the early nineties and with seats, placed in recent years has a capacity of 459. Interestingly, under these stand except the dressing rooms also has a place a club restaurant. 
Tickets are available on the gate and typically cost 100 rsd (€1), but if you're a local fan of the club you can buy an annual ticket, which is quite unusual for this rank!

Tickets are also available on the gate
Tickets are also available on the gate


FK Voždovac Beograd 0-1 FK Novi Pazar
Jelen Superliga - I
SC Stadion, Beograd
FK Voždovac is a football club based in Belgrade. The club was formed in 1912, under the name FK Dušanovac. In 1929 it is renamed Voždovački SK. In 1973 changed its name to FK Voždovac. During the following decades it competed mostly in Serbian lower leagues. In 2005, top league side Železnik, financially struggling at the time, merged with Voždovac. This way Voždovac gained access to the highest league in Serbia and Montenegro in which achieved greatest success ending the season in third place.  Due to the club’s poor financial situation the following year the club was relegated from Super League to return to Super League this season with a new stadium.
Their new stadium was bulit on the roof of Stadion Shopping Center on the site where before the old stadium and stands can accommodate 5,000 spectators. The stadium is officially opened in September. Its located toward the south-east from the city center and main bus and railway station. Can be reached by bus 26 from the city center. Voždovac along with Monaco in Europe only has the stadium on the roof and it looks beautiful from the air but rather disappointing when you go through the shopping center parking lot to the narrow hallway who lead to the stadium on the roof. On the stands there are plenty of places that are in the "dead" corners, columns that hold the roof also bothered and even from the front row you do not see complete throw-in line. Although I am not inclined to criticize domestic stadiums, I expected much more from Serbian newest stadium. Tickets are available on the stadium box offices on the day of the match. Admission is typically 200rsd (€2) for a seat on any stand. 
The home team was a better rival, had a field initiative and opportunities for goal, but in the end guests were happy along with their fans. Also Voždovac has a very good and organized group of fans which provided support until the very end, but the question remains, is it a bunch of pyrotechnics safe on the roof?  



FK Železnik Beograd 0-0 FK Lokomotiva Beograd
Srpska liga Beograd - III
"Mali Poljud", Beograd
att: 140
FK Železnik is a football club based in suburb of Belgrade, Železnik. The club was founded in 1930 and their´s biggest successes occurred in the early to mid 2000s. After started gaining promotion season by season in the higher tiers, Železnik played in the UEFA Cup after finishing on 3rd place in the season 2003/04. In 2005 FK Železnik won the national cup but after suffering financial problems the club merged with FK Voždovac and the club had to start from the bottom of the Serbian football league system, under the name Železnik Lavovi. Today the club plays in the third rank of competition.
Their stadium is located in Železnik, behind the post office building, about ten kilometers from the center of Belgrade. It can be reached by public transportation by bus 88 or 58. The stadium was built in the seventies of the last century as part of Belgrade preparations to compete for Olympics. There are two separate stands, on the west is covered stand which has about 4,000 seats and on the east is open standing. At the stadium in Železnik also plays FK Sparta, the club that competes in the lowest level of competition.
For today´s match, admission was 200rsd (€2) and the ticket is quite unusual. On the ticket are only photos and the inscription with the name of the club...Quite a boring match, most unpopular result at the end, so the only pleasure was the presence of one such facility that has the potential to be a decent stadium with little effort and investment.

Bara Venecija

FK Železničar Beograd 4-1  FK Kovačevac
  Beogradska zona - IV
"Bara Venecija", Beograd
att: 70
FK Železničar is a football club based in Bara Venecija, Belgrade, Serbia. The club was formed in 1924 when a group of workers from the Belgrade railway station began playing new game. In 1932 the club started with the construction of a football ground, a few kilometers from the present site, also on the river bank. The first game played at the newly built playground in 1935, but due to the construction of the Belgrade Fair, Železničar was evicted from its premises in 1956. Since then the club life begins at the new location. 
In the past decade the club accede to the reconstruction of their sport facilities and made two new terrain of which major is covered with grass, and the auxillary with slag base. Enough to start, but there's still much to be done. The club's´ major success was archived in 1999 when it gained promotion into the national second league where it stayed until 2003, when it was relegated by administrative decision because of the restructuring of the league competition system. Today the club plays in the fourth rank of competition.
Their stadium, the popular Bara Venecija, is located behind the train station, under the bridge Gazelle, one might say almost in the city center but it is not easy to get there. When you pass under another bridge Sava bridge, you have to pass next to the railway workshops and garages with no signposts to finally find a ground where you're headed.
Although there is a prominent ticket price at the box office at the entrance to the stadium, admission was free. Today's match was played at 10 pm and regardless of the free entrance gathered only 70 people. Still early start did not prevent, a few true lovers of football, groundhoppers to find themselves in the stands. Female referee, six goals (one was canceled), ten players in the away team, some shout from the stands... beautiful Sunday morning.


FK Radnički Gladiolus 4-1 FK Hajduk Podlokanj
Potiska liga - VI
att: 40
Tornjoš is a village in the northern part of Serbia. Belongs to the municipality of Senta and is located on the regional road Senta - Bačka Topola. The main activity in the village of about 1,700 inhabitants is agriculture, but football occupies a very important place in their lives. In the village since 1947 there is a football club Radnički which brings together the local youth. Their stadium is not far from the main road and it is easy to find. For me it is a pleasant surprise ticket sales at the gate. Admission was 100rsd, which is less than one euro. On a small, quite failed stand gathered some forty local football fans, to enjoy the victory of their team. After the match the players have enjoyed a well-earned meal. Game and socializing, is there anything better?


FK Jedinstvo Martonoš 3-1 FK Jedinstvo Srpski Krstur
Potiska liga - VI
Igralište u Martonošu
att: 20
Martonoš is a village located in the Kanjiža municipality in the north of Serbia. The village football club was formed back in 1922. Over the years, several times he was extinguished but this year again began to play football in the village. At the entrance to the village on the right side when going from the direction of Kanjiža is their playground bordered by a fence of roofing tiles. A small house that serves as a dressing room and a lot of open space for the audience, for such a small village just enough.

HFC vs Csongrad

Hódmezővásárhely FC 2-1 Csongrád TSE
Csongrád megyei I osztály - IV
Városi stadion, Hódmezővásárhely 
att: 200

Hódmezővásárhely situates in the South part of the Hungary not far from Szeged. There is very frequent bus and train service to Hmvhely from Szeged and journey takes less than half hour. If arriving by car from Szeged follow directions to Oroshaza and the stadium lies shortly after city center on the left side of the road next to the market.
HFC or Hódmezővásárhely futball club is founded in 1912. The club plays matches at Hódmezővásárhelyi Municipal Stadium, which is owned and managed by the city. According to some sources, the stadium capacity is about 10,000. I had intention last year to come here while they played the third league, but they now plays in fourth league. Tickets for HFC matches can be bought on the gate before kickoff. Although the admission was only 400 forint (€ 1,4) at the game was a smaller number of viewers than I expected. Nice and warm weather, beer and football are attracted not more than 200 viewers at the stadium.