Užice 2

FK Jedinstvo-Putevi is football club based in Užice, in central part of Serbia. The club is founded in 1961. The club currently plays in Prva liga Srbija, which is 2nd tier of Serbian football and this is their greatest success. Their stadium is part of sports center Jedinstvo, but is better known by the name "Krčagovo". It has one all seated stand with a capacity of about 830 seats. On the opposite side of the pitch there are tennis courts and behind the goal on the north side there is another football pitch. He belongs to the club FK GP Zlatibor, who currently plays in Zona "Drina", which is 4th tier of Serbian football. At this stadium was played and FK Prvi Partizan but I don´t know the fate of the club after playing last season in the lowest level of competition. 


and "Prvi Partizan" stadium...

Krila Krajine

FK Krila Krajine 2-0 FK Krivanj
OFL B.Palanka 1.razred - VI
Stadion "Krila Krajine", Bačka Palanka

att: 3 (no mistake! head count, together with me!)

Bačka Palanka

OFK Bačka 3-1 FK Mladost B.Petrovac
Vojvodjanska liga Zapad - IV
Stadion "Slavko Maletin Vava", Bačka Palanka

att: 200
Ticket! Price 100rsd.
Bačka Palanka is a city and municipality located in Vojvodina province in Serbia, on left bank of the Danube. There are regular direct buses from Novi Sad to Bačka Palanka that take one hour. OFK Bačka is a football club based in this city with less than thirty thousand inhabitants. The club was founded in 1945. In some of the greatest successes of the club belongs playing in the second federal level of competition on two occasions and playing quarter finals of the national cup in the season 1968/69. Bačka plays at the stadium "Slavko Maletin Vava" which was inaugurated in 1951. West all seated stand is completely covered while on the east is hard standing. Bačka stadium is located in the southern part of the city, near the center and the bus station, on the way to the park Tikvara which is located on the bank of Danube. Today's match was very important for the home team, as they with today´s win, celebrate entry into higher ranking of competition. So next season, after three years, here again will be played third league.



FK Brodarac 4-1 OFK Zabrežje
Prva Beogradska liga - V
Stadion na Starom sajmištu, Beograd
att: around thirty


FK Sinđelić 5-0 FK Sopot
Srpska liga "Beograd" - III
Stadion "Sinđelić", Beograd
att: 130
FK Sinđelić is football club from the city of Belgrade. The club was founded in 1937 and named after a historical Serbian duke Stevan Sinđelić. Without major success, the club has always been appreciated in the Belgrade football. Their stadium is located in Vojislava Ilića street, in the immediate vicinity of his former biggest rival FK Obilić. Just a few hundred meters away there is another stadium of FK Hajduk Lion.
At the entrance to the stadium is fancy bar, a little further on is the main stand which is not in the best condition.
Not exactly renovated concrete stand even with holes in it. It seems to me that the situation is much worse on the other side of the pitch, but going there, it was not allowed. A decent number of people is gathered at today match to see another win of their players in the battle for first place. Of course, the special atmosphere onto  this match have given groundhoppers from England and Germany who, after last night's derby, got up early to see what else it offers the Serbian football. 

144th derby

FK Partizan 1-0 FK Crvena Zvezda
Jelen Superliga - I
Stadion "Partizan", Beograd
att: 30,000

Eternal derby. 144th time in a row. A feast of football in Serbia, or at least it should be. The decisive match for the title. Game of life or death.  The stadium was sold out and the stadium in Humska after long time again were filled almost to the last place. Old champion is the new champion. Although the better team won by goal in 90 minutes, football was bad. The fans with their performance did not disappoint. They sang, beat up between themselves and literally they set fire on the stand. Therefore, a lot of foreigners coming to these matches to enjoy to this kind of cheerleading which  probably there is no more anywhere in Europe. Regardless of all that there is some magic which must be kept...

Photos you can view here!

Stara Pazova

FK Jedinstvo Stara Pazova 2-3 FK Radnički Sremska Mitrovica
Srpska liga "Vojvodina" - III
Stadion Jedinstvo, Stara Pazova

att: 125

The Municipality of Stara Pazova is situated in the southeast of the Srem region, located in the northern part of Serbia. The geographical position of the Municipality is very convenient – it is situated between two major cities, 30km away from the capital Belgrade and 40km away from the Novi Sad. All important national and international roads pass through the territory also important railway passes through the city. The airport ”Nikola Tesla” is located 15km from the centre of Stara Pazova. This all means that it is easy to get in Stara Pazova. In the municipality there is also a magnificent sports complex popularly known as The Football House of national football federation.
FK Jedinstvo is a football club based in Stara Pazova. The club was founded in 1919. Without significant success through history in recent years the club has marked a rise from fifth to a third of the league, where he often played. The stadium is named "Stadion Jedinstvo" and has a capacity of 960 seats after reconstruction two years ago when they set up seats and a roof at the only stand.
Today's match was extraordinary to watch, with four goals in the first half, and at the end, away team´s win, with whom continue to fight for the first place in the standings. 




GFL Subotica - VI

FK Solid 5-0 FK Žednik
Stadion FK Solid, Subotica
att: 36

FK Bačka 1901 "B" 1-3 FK Dušan Silni
Stadion kraj Somborske kapije, Subotica
att: 62

FK Lokomotiva 3-2 FK Đurđin
Stadion Bratstvo, Subotica
att: 29