FK Cement 2-1 FK Dunav
Srpska liga "Vojvodina"
Stadion FK Cement, Beočin


Admission 100Rsd (1€). What, you don´t see ticket?
Beočin is located on the bank of the Danube, on the northern slopes of mountain Fruška Gora, 17 kilometers from Novi Sad. It is simply amazing that the place of about 6,000 people once had second league club. The place is famous for its cement plant. FK Cement was founded in 1913 by young people who have worked in that company. The club was featured until 1919 under the name BAK. From 1919 to 1932 the club was known as BSK. From 1922 to 1927 there were two football clubs in Beočin, the other one being FK Radnički, which was dissolved in 1927. Finally since 1933 the club has been known as FK Cement. In the last decade, the club played between third and fourth division and today plays in third rank of competition, in Srpska liga, group Vojvodina.
The stadium has only one stand with capacity of around 500 red plastic seats with white inscription with the name of the club. Although the stadium was slightly ruined, also owns one of the better grass surface that I've seen lately. Of course it is always the most interesting how people finding ways to watch the match without paying admission .... they are everywhere on the walls of the stadium.
Almost forgot, stadium besides floodlights have a scoreboard, which actually works! Manually.




Spartak vs Radnicki

FK Spartak 4-1 FK Radnički Niš
Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica 
att: 1,500
I really can not remember when these two teams last time played a league match. For many years they have competed in different competition ranks. Up until this season, when has finally Radnički Niš entered the Superleague. Spartak won for the first time in the fifth round, beautiful game with a new coach, an interesting match and so on. It is no longer important. That which was very interesting  was announced a few days before the match. Two groups of fans will support their teams together on the same terrace! I do not know that something like this happened anywhere in the world. Especially in a country where in each round an incident happens with fans. But it happened. I am pleased that  I have been present at the stadium today. However do not get confused, Blue Marines and Meraklije are friends for 20 years. Today these are other guys but they deserve only praises. This is just one reason why football is so popular!


FK Palić 0-3 FK Radnički Sombor
Srpska liga "Vojvodina" - III
SC Janko Pejanović, Palić
att: 150


FK Radnički 0-3 RFK Novi Sad
Serbian Cup, preliminary round
Gradski stadion, Sombor
att: 160

Novi Beograd

 FK Radnički 0-0 FK Bulbulderac
Beogradska BIP Zona
- IV
Stadion "Radnički"
, Novi Beograd
att: 145

Away fans


FK Jagodina 2-0 FK Sloboda
Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Jagodina
att: 1,200