At Vinogradar

FK Vinogradar 1-1 FK Čoka
PFL Subotica - V
"Vinogradar", Hajdukovo
att: 90


FK Bačka 1901 1-0 FK Index
Play off - IV
"Stadion kraj Somborske kapije", Subotica
att: ~1,500

Ticket 100rsd (€1)
Today's match was one of the most important games in the last few seasons for the home team. It is a rematch of play offs to enter into Serbian League of Vojvodina, and the opponent was team FK "Index" from Novi Sad. Better team from two matches, since autumn will be a new member of the Serbian 3rd league. In the first match score was 0-0, which is considered to be very inconvenient for both teams.
Bačka needed victory, which they achieved in the presence of a large number of fans.
At the end a great and well-deserved celebration for the return into the third rank of competition after several seasons.



FK Čoka 0-1 FK Tisa Adorjan
PFL Subotica - V
  Stadion FK "Čoka", Čoka
att: 117
Čoka  is a town and municipality in the north-eastern part of the Vojvodina, in Serbia. It is located on the road which, by the left side of Tisa river, connecting cities Kanjiža and Senta and with rail is connected with Subotica and Kikinda. Although a small town, with about 5,000 inhabitants, Čoka is known as the seat of the tobacco and wine industry. 
Football club Čoka is founded in 1946 and currently plays in PFL Subotica, which is fifth tier of Serbian football. They play home matches at stadium located near the center and the bus station. Entrance to the stadium is through the passage between the two buildings. The stadium has a stand with only three rows which is entire repainted in red and blue club colors, manual scoreboard and a lot of open space around the pitch. 
In the last match of the season at home, they played and lost to the team that will play next season in the upper range of competition. Admission was 100 rsd (€1) and for me it was a surprise how looks good ticket for this rank of competition.


FK Dinamo 2-0 FK Radnički S.Mitrovica
Srpska liga "Vojvodina" - III
Gradski stadion, Pančevo

att: ~500
The City of Pančevo is located in South Vojvodina, Serbia, at the confluence of the Tamiš and the Danube rivers. Pančevo is just 15 km away from Belgrade and 40 km away form the Nikola Tesla International Airport. There are regular direct trains and buses from Belgrade to Pančevo and it is no problem to get there. Just a minute from the main bus station is located the city stadium. At this stadium plays FK Dinamo, football club based in Pančevo. Founded in 1945, the club has played initially at local Vojvodina leagues, but afterwords, still within Yugoslavia, the club has spent most of the time in the Yugoslav Second League, but never has won promotion in the first league. Today the club plays in the third rank of the competition, with aspirations to enter higher ranking competitions. The stadium has on the west old main stand which was left intact to the present day and on the other side of the pitch is one smaller stand. Tickets are available on the gate before the start of the match and cost  €1.5. 
At the City Stadium in Pančevo, match of  the Serbian league-group Vojvodina last round, played the two most successful teams in the spring part of the championship, Dinamo and Radnički from Sremska Mitrovica.
After winning 2-0, management FK Dinamo in their own way celebrated with his friends the end of the season, and on this occasion organized bull roasting, with tasting Jelen beer. Deliciously.


FK Sloboda 4-1 FK Smederevo
Jelen Superliga - I
Stadion "Begluk", Užice
att: 1,500
Whoever went out from Belgrade to the Montenegrin sea passed through Užice and near the city stadium. Užice is a city in western Serbia located on the Djetinja river and not far from the famous mountain Zlatibor. Football club Sloboda is the oldest and the most important football club from Užice. It was founded in  1925. Sloboda in their history has played in almost all levels of competition. However, the last decade has not been successful for the club. The solution for fallen club was a merger in 2010 with FK Sevojnowho at that point was at its peak and who won entry into the highest rank of competition. Today is Sloboda stable club with trusty crowd and with the newly reconstructed stadium. Theirs city stadium, whom fans also call the stadium "Begluk", was built in 1946 and first was reconstructed in 1980. After the second reconstruction two years ago, took the present appearance. The stadium has a total capacity for 12,000 people. Tickets for the matches are available on the gate before the start of the match. Tickets cost either €1 for the standing area behind the goal, or €2-3 for a seat at one of the other two all seated stands.