Time out

Winter has arrived. In my country, and in the greater part of Eastern Europe, football theater becomes very quiet. Football went into hibernation. Until March next year, there is no matches. Three too long months, somehow should be overcome so much time. Maybe I flies away to England ...gladly, but unlikely. And if it happened somewhere along the way I see a ground, you can be sure that I would stop and...or if I was able to enter into a some hall and see some match in any indoor sports, excellent. If nothing else, recharging the batteries for new challenges in 2012. I am glad that so many you guys, had this time with me on this blog. Until we meet again, best regards.


How to give three goals and lose!?

FK Hajduk Kula 1-2 FK Sloboda Užice
Jelen Superliga - I
PSC Hajduk, Kula
att: 600

The last home match in the first part of the season. Fantastic weather, 12 degrees above zero, in December! Last seasons Hajduk fighting for survival in the league. At the beginning of this, four victories in a row. Then came the defeats from Partizan and C.Zvezdaresorted to the solution, which is still effective in Serbia, changing coach. And at the end Hajduk is found there where his place is, in the middle of the table. Is the new administration thought it should be to defeat the two best teams in Serbia? They did a lot in the beginning, make-up the stadium, set the scoreboard and have flattened the ground. Yes, they have flattened ground. Last season, the lines were all uneven, bump to bump. Now it is much better. On this very ground, Hajduk until today's match, won 11 points. The three victories, two draws and one defeat. In six matches they scored 6 goals. Today, three! Home team are in the best manner start the match, as they are led from 4th minutes. Then no one could even assume that it will Hajduk score two more goals and lose points. The issue of winner could be resolved by the middle of the second half, when Hajduk players missed a few chances. Instead - they have won themselves! In 86 minutes and in added time, two owngoals, so guests go home with the whole booty. Unbelievable!

Kikinda, part two

OFK Kikinda 0-2 FK Sloga Temerin
Srpska liga "Vojvodina" - III
Gradski stadion, Kikinda

att: 84

For a long time I intend to come here in Kikinda. The opportunity was now in the last round of the first part of the championship. OFK Kikinda is a very old club, founded in 1909. Founded under the name of NAK and after several name changes in 1970 got its name. The curiosity is that at this place there is a stadium since 1922. Gradski stadion (Town stadium) is located right next to the sports center Jezero and Town Park. Its capacity is somewhere around 7,500 spectators. In today's game was at the beginning only 84 viewers, head count. Venue is open only half hour before the match, so I took the opportunity and a nearby balloon for football looked at part some new football hopes. I really enjoyed. 

From the very beginning of the match, guests played with more passion. Perhaps the reason is that they played in short sleeves in the cold weather, so the only way to warm up was to run more than opponent. In the second part is played more in the middle with a lot of mistakes, but the hosts failed to realize the superiority of certain moments. At the end Sloga carries the big three points thanks to skilled goals scored in the match finish.

Kikinda, part one

Come into a some city for the game, and not visit other stadiums if it is time to do this, for me is sin. Kikinda is town in the North Banat District, Vojvodina, Serbia, and it is near the Romanian border. It has about 40,000 inhabitants and two football clubs. Second top club in the city is FK ŽAK. It is the abbreviation of  Železnički atletski klub (Railway Athletic Club). Before the match for which I was in Kikinda, it was obliged to go across town, at Vašarište where is stadium FK ŽAK. The club is founded in 1931, and curently plays in OFL Kikinda-Novi Bečej, which is the sixth tier of Serbian fotball. Until a couple of seasons ago they played in the fourth rank of competition, and their biggest success was playing in the 1/8 finals of the national championships of the former Yugoslavia in the season 1935/36. I do not know when is exactly built stand on their stadium but it is typical for this region. Covered, wooden, with a capacity of around 2,000 spectators, is not exactly in the best condition. This year was invested some money in the renovation of dressing rooms and shelters above the dugouts. Winter, fog and problems with the aperture on the camera, did not prevent me to make some photos.

Finally, a win for the host

FK Spartak 1-0 FK Javor
Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 350

The coldest day of the November. Footballers of Spartak came up with only the second victory this season at home. After the first round and the victory over C.Zvezda a lot of time has passed. Both teams started the strongly, but after twenty minutes, the pace of the game significantly declined. Just when the game became boring, hosts managed to score a goal. It is already known that Simović has a great shot, and it showed in 27 minutes from some twenty meters. 1-0 for the hosts. In a match which did not have plenty of chances to score that was the detail that decided the match. Worth mentioning is the support of Blue Marines during the whole match. I must mention one man from the west stands with a characteristic, penetrating voice. He was always there, for years and while Spartak played in the lower ranks. One more home match and everyone go on the winter holidays until March.

Welcome to the city of beer!

FK ČSK-Pivara 0-0 FK Radnički Nova Pazova
Srpska liga "Vojvodina" - III
Stadion ČSK Pivara, Čelarevo

att: 200
It is waited - autumn derby in third league. Čelarevo was certainly the center of public attention to football this weekend. The second on the first. Guests with the three extra points, three consecutive household and undefeated comes in the city of beer. Čelarevo is truly the city of beer. It is a village in the municipality of Bačka Palanka with more than 5,000 inhabitants. Brewery in this place is there since 1892. Today Pivara Čelarevo it is part of Carlsberg and most famous beer "Lav" is one of the most popular in Serbia. They are also sponsors of the club.
The club was formed in 1925 as ČOSK. After several name changes (Radnički, Podunavlje) in 1953 club got its name ČSK. The greatest successes of the club are playing in the second rank of competition in the period from 1998 to 2001 and the second time from 2005 to 2010. Their football ground is very nice. It is located next to the cemetery, very near to the center and brewery. On the west is one great stand with 1,500 seats. In the complex besides main pitch which is great and quality there is an auxiliary pitch, and dressing rooms with a restaurant that is on service for viewers. On the menu is the beer of course.
However, the match between ČSK and Radnički from Nova Pazova not brought as much excitement as expected. The two perhaps the best team in the league, match have finished goalless, although the hosts went into the match considerably weakened without four players. Admission was only 100rsd (1€) and there is still quite a few people, just about two hundred. And you notice the ticket was printed back in time when the club was in a second league.