FK Kozara 4-3 FK Radnički Kovin
Vojvodjanska liga "Istok" - IV
Stadion FK Kozara, Banatsko Veliko Selo
att: 160
Banatsko Veliko Selo is a village located in the eastern part of Kikinda municipality, in the area between Kikinda at the west and Serbian-Romanian border to the east. Football club in this village exists since 1949 under the name FK "Kozara". Their biggest successes are bound for a period of thirty years ago, when the club in the period of fifteen seasons played in the third rank of the competition in the former Yugoslavia. From that period dates all seated stand, capacity of about 1140 seats. People from the club have plans for the reconstruction of the existing dressing rooms which are really dilapidated and to set the roof on the stand.
Residents here love football. At several places in the village are placed posters who are calling for match. Despite a humble number of spectators the atmosphere was great, the home fans were very loud no compassion upon to its players. The game itself was great, seven goals, with two reversals in the ruthless fight for survival in the league. As it usually is in the lower leagues, followed refreshments for the crowd at half-time and after the end of the game, in the facility next to the stadium. Cheers!


FK Vojvodina 2-2 FKSloboda
Jelen Superliga - I
Stadion "Karađorđe", Novi Sad
att: 4,500-6,000 (who knows?)

 The story of the stadium "Karadjordje" starts back in the 1924th. The newly built stadium near the former power station, was officially opened on 28th June 1924th and named "Karadjordje". 1931st is covered grandstand and expanded capacity and could accommodate 500 spectators, and the entire playground is fenced. Later, the house is built on the south side of the stadium in which today are dressing rooms. 1967th reflectors were purchased. Partial reconstruction of this facility have been made on several occasions in 1991, 2004 and 2009. Today's capacity includes 12,303 stadium seats. (http://www.fkvojvodina.rs/)
Vojvodina is much better started the game and at the very start of the game show that will be aggressive and attacking, to try to win all three points. But today they had a worthy opponent, Sloboda is surprised and deservedly took the point. Rarely seen a good match for the super-league, also and  frenetically cheering domestic supporters. The admission was free with a a free ticket, so plenty of spectators gathered. How many? Nowhere you can find the correct information...



FK Veternik 2-0 FK Vojvodina B.Gračac
PFL Novi Sad - V
SC A. Kozlina, Veternik
att: 150
Veternik is the place, connected with Novi Sad and also with Futog, for many is known as a training base of football club "Vojvodina", with its fields and infrastructure. But there is a local club, FK Veternik. The club was founded 1977 and his greatest moments had experienced ten years ago when competing in the second league. After a few years of playing in third division, club withdrew from the competition and the punishment was moving two ranks down. Today they plays in PFL Novi Sad, which is fifth rank of competition in Serbia. Their stadium have only one grandstand with, as some say 5,000 places for spectators. Unfortunately can be seen that there is no investment in it. The game itself was no spectacular, second goal is to re-tell, but it is an interesting departure of a large part of the audience at half-time in the object, which is called "the second house" right next to the stadium. Of course, on the refreshment!



FK Smederevo 0-1 FK Crvena Zvezda
Jelen Superliga - I
Stadion "Tvrđava", Smederevo
att: 5,000
Smederevo is a city in Serbia, on the right bank of the Danube, about 45 km downstream of the capital Belgrade and has a very favorable traffic position
Stadium of the football club Smederevo is located at the entrance to the city from Belgrade in the direction of the old road through Grocka. Officially name that is used is the city's stadium or stadium FK Smederevo, but is widely used the name Tvrđava (fortress). The walk from city ​​center takes about 15 minutes, that from the city’s main bus station 5 minutes more. In its current form stadium consists of a football pitch, four stands, two semicircular building and changing rooms below northern part of the stand. Work on the construction lasted from 1993 to 2000, but the project still has not brought the end. Gives the impression of a real football stadium, without athletic tracks and with a seating capacity of 17,200 places. On it plays its home matches FK Smederevo, the club that was founded in 1924 and through its time of existence is changed many names. Under the name FK Sartid made the biggest successful in its history, winning the National Cup in 2003. Unfortunately today the club is one step away from relegation from the super league. Tickets were available on the gate before the start of the match and tickets cost either €3 for the area behind the goals, or €4 for a seat at one of the other two stands.It was expected that the guest much easier to win, but at the end, for local fans unhappy defeat in the last minutes of the match. 

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