Mórahalom VSE 2-3(aet) Szolnoki MÁV FC
Magyar Kupa  

Mórahalmi Városi Sportpályán, Mórahalom
att: 62


FK Tisa Adorjan 2-0 FK Vinogradar Hajdukovo
PFL Subotica - V
Igralište Tise, Adorjan
att: 130

Adorjan is village in Serbia, situated in the Kanjiža municipality, on the bank of the river Tisa.
Football club Tisa was founded in 1952. They play their home matches at the playground below the embankment of the river. For years Tisa plays in the PFL Subotica, which is the fifth league.
At today's match small concrete stand was small to receive all who were interested to watch it. In a tough game hosts are show more and deservedly celebrated, in front of their noisy audience.


Totovo Selo

FK Olimpia Totovo Selo 6-0 FK Slavija B. Aranđelovo
Potiska liga - VI
Igralište u Totovom Selu, Totovo Selo
att: 50

Totovo Selo one of the 13 settlements in municipality Kanjiža in many ways is unique despite having only 613 inhabitants. In the village there are branch offices of the gymnasium from Senta, direction of football. There they gathered young football talents from Vojvodina which in Totovo Selo staying in boarding school, attending high school on hungarian language and train intensively football. In the Totovo Selo was established Football Academy "Istvan Nyers", named after former player of Inter Milan from the early fifties of the last century. After many years of playing in the vicinity, this village got its football pitch and its own football club. Beautiful story in a beautiful and orderly village. On the today's match Olimpia is continued winning streak, 8th wins in a row, in his debut season in the league. It seems that it is no accident.


FK Šampion 4-0 FK Hajduk Podlokanj
Potiska liga - VI
Igralište u Oromu, Orom
att: 22

Orom is a village in Serbia, in the municipality of Kanjiža. In this village, with around 1,500 inhabitants, football club was founded in 1973, under the name FK Orom. The club is almost always played in the lowest level of competition while the biggest success is playing in the upper range already in 1974 and so it was until the early nineties. After a successful season in 1991, the club was disbanded. Nearly a decade after the break, in 2002 is founded new club, FK Šampion (eng. Champion). But at that time, they have faced with a lot of problems. Poor infrastructure and conditions are disperse all players, so that the solution is found in merging with the club from the neighboring village Totovo Selo. Thus was created the football club Šampion-Olimpia which existed up last season. Today, they're once again two clubs. 



FK Sloga Čonoplja 2-2 FK Radnički Ratkovo
PFL Sombor
- V
SC Čonoplja, Čonoplja
att: 38
Čonoplja is the old village located 11 km northeast from Sombor. Football are played here already in the twenties of the last century. The beginning of football is related to the year 1924 when appeared club under the name ČSK, although there are no precise data on its origin. After World War II, in July 1945 is founded football club Sloga. It is interesting that one can find a club logo with different years of establishment, 1924 and 1945. This club has achieved the greatest success in 2003 and qualified for the Vojvodina League, fourth rank of competition. But most often the club competes in regional and municipal leagues of Sombor.
Today's match was the fifth league match. Admission was 100 Rsd (1€) and that was quite a surprise for us. I can not recall that anyone in this rank of competition asked money for entrance, but in any case, for me it was great, another ticket in the collection. Sports Center has a football pitch and a concrete handball court, in addition there is also a "kafana"(café), but everything is old and dilapidated. As for the players themselves can see that they are not physically ready but neither with football knowledge are not the best, at least not all.

Spartak, pride of the city

FK Spartak 3-0 FK Crvena Zvezda
Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 7,500

"Why some support  their own local club? When your club has never been first, when your club will probably never be first, why somebody going consistently to matches of its city club, who had been played by the years in lower leagues. Why? It is a question that is decades old. Because I love my  neighborhood  where I was born and where I grew up. Because I do not have another town. Because I love my neighborhood where I met my buddies, made ​​friends for the lifetime and I do not have other end. Because I love my street where I made my first steps, the street where I am every day, it is small and nondescript but it's mine! Because I looked the first game at the stadium of Spartak. The stadium is old and dilapidated, no floodlights, no scoreboard but it is my stadium and I do not have second stadium. Because the first jersey that I saw was a blue white. Perhaps for the others that color jersey is ugly and irrelevant but these are my colors and for the other colors I do not know. And my love and attitude I will extend to my children, if you do that, all you who are reading this, in front of our club and the city is beautiful future."
Blue Marines, Subotica