FK Mala Bosna 0-4 FK Žednik

GFL Subotica - VI
SC Mala Bosna, Mala Bosna
att: 70

 I was quite surprised how many people watched this six league match in the sports center in Mala Bosna. Year 1989. is the year of rebirth FK Mala Bosna. FK Mala Bosna competed with variable success in Subotica municipal league until 2007. when the club ceased to operate. Two years later, again compete, now in the city league of Subotica. Several wooden benches on the hill next to the field and enjoyment of villagers in football begins.

OFK Tavankut 4-0 FK Sloboda St.M.

PFL Subotica - V
Stadion u Tavankutu, Tavankut

 OFK Tavankut is football club from village Donji Tavankut, also known simply as Tavankut. Club was founded in 1950. This stadium was built in 2003-2004, at a time when the club recorded the biggest successes by playing in the third rank of of the competition. After three years of playing, in 2006 Tavankut merged with Palić Koming into Palić Koming. After that OFK Tavankut moving again from the lowest rank. Curently plays in PFL Subotica, which is the fifth tier of Serbian football. In their stadium maintained even international matches of the lower categories. Stadium has 788 seats, on the main west stand 708 and another eighty on the east stand. This was the last round which is why was a little spectators at the match. So at least say the locals with whom I spoke. Admission was 100din (1€). All in all a nice stadium, I was quite surprised, as I was last time here about ten years ago.


FK Bratstvo Ljutovo

Football club Bratstvo is from Ljutovo, village not far from Subotica. Club was founded in 1962 and from then carries this name. Thanks to the enthusiasm of villagers club still exists, although several years is not competing. Plays in GFL Subotica, which is the sixth and lowest tier of Serbian football. I think that have never played in a higher rank of competition. And even have their own web page!

FK Radnički Sombor 0-0 RFK Novi Sad

1.liga Srbija - II
Gradski stadion, Sombor
att: 400

FK Radnički  is a football club from Sombor, and curently plays in 1.(Prva) liga Srbija, which is second tier in Serbian football. FK Radnički was founded in 1912 as Somborski SK. Their entire period of existence played played between the second and fourth division. After this game ended the season in which Radnički finished at seventh place. Seventh place in the second division ranks among the greatest success in football history in Sombor
The capacity of the city stadium is somewhere around 2.500 thousand people on old west stand. On the east is a new, unfinished stand. The match in the first half was boring. Could be heard only cheering from home supporters, called Vojvode (Dukes), but in the second half came a group of away supporters, so yet it all seemed a bit more interesting. It is interesting that some people watching the match from the ramparts of the west stand, through the wire. Admission was 150din (1,5€).

 Some of the earlier pictures of this stadium can be found here.


In Sombor I came to the second league match. When I was there, I had to visit the stadium and another team from that city. FK ŽAK was established in 1924th and currently plays in the PFL Sombor, which is the fifth ranking competition in Serbia. Theirs stadium is called Stadion kraj pruge (stadium near the railway). On the west side there are wooden benches for spectators but they are overgrown with grass, probably because the end of the championship. This ground also is used by OFK Metalac, who plays in the MFL-Sombor Apatin-Kula-Odžaci, which is the sixth ranking competitions.