RFK Novi Sad 0-3 FK Novi Pazar

1.liga Srbija  - II
Stadion na Detelinari, Novi Sad
att: 700

Match of 1st league of Serbia, which is the second level of competition. Stadium at Detelinara, which of course I already visited and photographed. Here you can see earlier photos of the stadium. It was not long ago when I was here and nothing has changed. A decent number of people at the game and the hosts had a large and organized group of fans. They are called "Korida " and even have a billboard next to the stadium by which support their club. Admission was 100din (1€). Guy from security who works at the entrance tore my ticket at half, although I asked him to be "gentle". Interesting match and three amazing goals of the same player for away victory.

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