Čika Dača, Kragujevac

FK Radnički 1923 0:0 FK Radnički Niš
Jelen Super liga - I
Stadion "Čika Dača", Kragujevac
att: 1,200 
Kragujevac is the largest city of the District of Šumadija and the fourth largest city in the Republic of Serbia. Located in the heart of Serbia, 140km south of Belgrade by highway. Regular bus lines connect Kragujevac with the major cities in Serbia, so it is easily accessible. 
FK Radnički is the biggest club in the city, founded in 1923 under the name Mladi Radnik, but six years later changed its name to Radnički. The club is most often played in the first two-level of competition, but also had periods when he was thrown to the third division. 
The home ground of Radnički is the "Čika Dača" stadium, which is named in memory of Danilo Stojanović, who is considered to be a pioneer of football in Serbia. The stadium is located about 3 km north of the bus and railway station. Construction of the stadium began back in 1949 and lasted for eight years until June 1957. In 2007 after renovation 15,100 seats were installed in the stadium
Tickets are available at the ticket office before the start of the game at a price of 100, 200 and 300rsd


City: Kragujevac, Serbia

Stadium: "Bubanj"
Capacity: ~1 000
Clubs: FK Šumadija 1903, founded in 1903, currently plays in Zona Morava (4th league)
FK Zastava, founded in 1973, currently plays in 2nd city league (6th league)

Stadium: "Palilula"
Capacity: ~1 000
Club: OFK Arsenal, founded in 1930, currently plays in Zona Morava (4th league)

Stadium: "Sušica" 
Capacity: ~1 500
Club: FK Sušica, founded in 1929, currently plays in 1st city league (5th league)

Stadium: MZ 21.Oktobar
Capacity: ~1 000
Clubs: FK 21.Oktobar, founded in 2009, currently plays in 2nd city league (6th league)
FK Erdoglija, founded 1931, disbanded in 2013


MKS Cracovia Kraków 0-2 Zawisza Bydgoszcz
Ekstraklasa - I
Marszałek Piłsudski Stadium (Stadion Cracovii), Kraków, Polska
att: 8 001 (cap: 15 016)


Club: Wisła Kraków S.A.
City: Kraków, Polska
Stadium: Stadion Miejski im. Henryka Reymana
Capacity: 33 130


RFK Novi Sad - FK Indeks

Pre-season friendly
Stadion na Detelinari, Novi Sad
(2nd pitch "Bikara")
att: 40