FK Senta 5-0 FK Sloboda N.K.

Srpska liga Vojvodina - III
Gradski stadion, Senta
att: 170

Senta is a city, in the northern part of Serbia, 42 km south of the Serbian-Hungarian border, with population of 20.300. There I traveled with a small train. Wow, what an experience it. For a long time I did not traveled on rails, but in Serbia is on them and around them all the same as before the 50 years. I was traveling with speed of 30 km/h, shaking up left, right, leaping on the seat in a vehicle that is certainly older than me, and I did not quite so young. In the end I still came to "the finish line". 

Football club Senta is founded in 1905, and its major success was playing in the third division in the former Yugoslavia. One of the most famous football players who played here was Mladen Krstajić. He had his first senior appearances in this club, having afterwords continued his career playing with OFK Kikinda, Partizan, Werder, Schalke 04, and again Partizan. In more recent times the club has usually competed in the Serbian League Vojvodina, the 3th national tier. They play at the city stadium in the "National garden". Stadium's capacity is around 5.000 spectators, with no seats. Stadium have two stands and around pitch is a registered track for athletics, suitable for competitions. Concrete stands are still quite ruined, but for the most loyal fans, this does not matter. The match was resolved back in the first half, when Senta already led to 5:0. Ticket price was the usual 100 din(1 euro).

FK Njegoš 1-0 FK Vinogradar

PFL Subotica - V
"Njegoš", Lovćenac
att: 60

Lovćenac is a village located not far from Bačka Topola, and its population numbering around 3.700 people. On this ground play their home games Njegoš football club, which is competing in the regional league of Subotica, which is the 5th tier of Serbian football. Ground is in on one side cut into the hill, and there's only one stands, which on the top have covered part. Stands also has some 300 seats. This was match of regional league Subotica, which is the fifth rank of competition.

Club logo
Official entry
Besides the ground is a basketball court
On the west stand
View of play
West stand
A view from the pitch

FK Bačka Topola 2-1 FK Borac Starčevo

Vojvodjanska liga "Istok" - IV
Stadion u Gradskom parku, Bačka Topola
att: 120

FK Bačka Topola is a football club from the same name town. City of Bačka Topola is situated in the north part of Serbia, and has a population of 16.150 inhabitants. The first football club in Bačka Topola, was formed in 1912. year (TSC). In early 1930-ies, has started building a new stadium in the city park where the stadium is located today. Club changes several names (Egység, Topolya) but only under the name AIK played in the 2nd league. AIK ceases to exist in 2003. In 2005. is a created FK Bačka Topola and currently competes in 4th league with a tendency to gain a higher ranking competitions. The most famous player who played at this club is certainly Nikola Žigić, a current member of Birmingham City.
City stadium is a located in the city park, where there is tennis courts, and a pool, which does not work for a long time. Stadium's capacity was somewhere around 8.000 spectators, but only in the central section of the  western stands, has about 570 seats. Tickets for this match was cost 100 dinars which is a about 1 euro.
The walls of the stadium in the city park
Main gate
Main, central, west stand
Part for standing on the west stand
On the west stand
Lining up before kick off
View of play
Viewers on the west stands, left to the northern end
The best snacks in town
West stand from north end
On the east stand
North end
View of play
Another view of the west stand
View of play from east-south corner
Again east stand
Mini Pitch behind the goal on the south side

FK Bačka 1901 1-0 AFK Ada

Vojvodjanska liga "Istok" - IV
"Kraj Somborske kapije", Subotica
att: 80

FK Bačka 1901 is a football club from the city of Subotica. The city of Subotica is located at the northern part of Serbia, along the border to Hungary. The club is the oldest club in Serbia, established on 3rd August 1901. At the time of its founding it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Founded under the name Szabadkai Athletikai Club Bácska, with red and white club colours, and through history the name has changed several times (Bačka, Građanski, Sloboda, Bratstvo, Zvezda). He has performed in all categories of competition, and twice was a participant in 1st league in Yugoslavia (1923, 1925). Now, for decades, plays in the third or fourth rank of competition. 
Entrance to the match was free. Rain was falling continuously. Only a few most loyal supporters and veterans of the club watched this match. Stadium on the west side, has an old, wooden stand which is covered. In front of it, has a concrete stand, on both sides of the tunnel from which players exit to the ground. On the east side behind benches for the reserve players, there is a concrete stand, that is not used for a long time.

Besides ground is a famous bazaar
Announcement of the match
Main stand
Club logo
Additional field
Stairs to stand
Lining up
Corner kick
We are going to the stand
Local tv recording match
View of play
Goalkeeper is a behind pillar!
Wooden seats, with numbers
East stand
View of play from a different angle