FK Sokolac 0-3 FK Tomislavci

OFL B.Topola-M.Iđoš - VI
Bački Sokolac
att: 35

Village Bački Sokolac is only 3 kilometers away from Krivaja and this was my last destination for the sunday. I arrived to see only the last half hour but it was quite enough. This was a local league matches or six ranking competitions. Also this was the some kind of derby, because these are teams from two neighboring villages, and the rivalry has always existed. How much they "spend" on the game says one situation. When guest attacker told his player to goes behind his back and this he replied that he could not because it will not return to defend, it was so funny. FK Sokolac is founded in 1936 and is always played in the lowest league, but well remember that it is always difficult to play here. For spectators there is a bench behind the dugouts, but behind the goal on the south side there is a concrete field which has a stand perfect for watching events on the ground. It is also interesting that they have concrete dugouts.

FK Krivaja 5-2 FK Preporod

PFL Subotica - V
Stadion Krivaja, Krivaja
att: 100

Krivaja is village located in the Bačka Topola municipality. It was a place of my second sunday match. It was a Subotica regional league match, which is the fifth-ranking competitions in Serbian football. I recently visited Novi Žednik when today guest, Preporod, played their home match, and now came the turn on FK Krivaja. It was a duel with a lot of goals, and players are much more prepared than in previous match where I was. I have to say that most of the spectators came to support the guests. Goals, cards, and almost fight guest players with the referee. Yes, and this is possible. Club in this village with less then a thousand inhabitants is founded in 1948. Always played in the regional ranks of the competition, but they gave rise a couple of good players, among which stands out Nikola Zigic current member of Birmingham City. Club owns three straight, football pitch with grass of good quality and excellent drainage. At their stadium are prepared once a national team while staying at a local hotel. Beautifully decorated environment and ground provided a great experience. On the west side of the pitch is a little elevation on whose top is bench that extends the full length of ground for viewers. 


FK Đurđin 0-0 FK Solid

GFL Subotica - VI
Stadion "Korponaić Lojzija-Joka", Đurđin
att: 45

I decided for Sunday to be present at three stadiums or three matches. How is this possible? Difficult or impossible, if you want to watch the whole game. Since the difference in starting time was half an hour I managed to look only per half time or less.
The first match was this in village Đurđin, near Subotica in the city league, which is the sixth ranking competitions in Serbia. Football club in this village was founded somewhere in the sixties of last century. FK Đurđin always played in the lowest ranks of the competition. I do not have the exact data but I know that they succeeded to win the municipality cup. Their stadium have one stand, the construction of the iron and wooden slats, for this village and league that is enough. For them playing the local kids which is well, and for the guests from Subotica, it seems to me, not a single player under thirty years or more. Otherwise Solid has its own stadium where playing and other teams and picture you can see here

FK Solunac Karađorđevo

Solunac does not exist for many years. This was a football club founded in 1950, from the village Karađorđevo, near Bačka Topola, Serbia. Their golden age was during the nineties when a lot of money earned from the smuggling oil and cigarettes invested in the club. Such a time was, and even the village of 500 people had a second-league club in season 2001/02. It's simply had to be of short duration. Club comes down from football map in 2002 when they merged with Palić. Too bad is only that stadium which was then made ​​today does not serve anyone. I think the last few years it played a club called Napredak, but now there is nobody on it. These are images of Sports centre "Jerković Jovan-Joca"...

FK Spartak 0-0 FK Sloboda

Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 2000

Well this time there will be no pictures from the match. After has failed my idea of ​​traveling to a third league match, I went to the Spartak. Of course where I'd spent a saturday afternoon than watching the green carpet at some stadium. My closest and largest match was these. I did not take my camera, the images of this stadium has a lot here. Admission was free and this is one of the reasons that had gathered around two thousand people. Here is a domestic audience a little spoiled if there is no result there is no them. But this was match two undefeated teams in the first 4 rounds and was supposed to be a good match. Had to be but did not, the game was boring with only occasional opportunities for goal. I just liked the another thing. Management of the club decided to do a little something about marketing. Besides that the day before the match in the city center organized a gathering with the players and sharing equipment they made ​​a nice event at halftime. Nobody could enter to the stadium without tickets, of course, free of charge. Each ticket has a serial number and somewhere around a hundred spectators had gone home, after the contests, with the original jerseys, scarves, hats and even a vuvuzelas. Otherwise with the ticket is shared match programme, which is extremely unusual for the Serbian situation. Regarding the Spartak, latest program wich I got was even 17 years ago when they played a cup final. I'd have what to say about the program but it does not matter this time, but I would like that it becomes a tradition. About guests on another occasion when we see their stadium.


Match programme

FK Bečej

FK Bečej is football club from same name town Bečej, Serbia. Bečej is town located in the heart of Vojvodina, by the right bank of the river Tisa. FK Bečej was founded in 1920. The greatest successes has in the nineties, under the name Bečej Old Gold by sponsor, a local brewery. During this period he played in the first national league and even two seasons he was participant in the UEFA Intertoto Cup and UEFA Cup. That success of club was only temporary, because club today plays in sixth, lowest level of football in Serbian league system. League where they play, is called Međuopštinska liga Srbobran-Vrbas-Bečej. They play their home matches at the town´s stadium, named Gradski stadion kraj Tise, which was once of a respectable looking and today it is sad how looks. Former capacity was about 500 spectators while now ... look at the pictures and everything will be clear. Pity.

FK Jedinstvo N.B.

FK Jedinstvo is Serbian football club based in Novi Bečej. The first official match in this town is played before more than one hundred years, in 1909. Jedinstvo is founded in 1927, and so far the biggest success is playing in the third league even before 30 years. Club curently plays in Vojvođanska liga "Istok", which is 4th tier of Serbian football. They play their home matches at the town´s stadium. Stadium have only one stand with capacity of 360 seats. This stands extends the full length of the pitch, but only in the middle have seats and a roof. A small stadium but looks nice.

FK Borac Zrenjanin

Football club Borac (a very common name, means a fighter) is from Zrenjanin. It is located near the town´s stadium where I watched the match. Founded in 1921, curently plays in PFL Zrenjanin, which is 5th tier of Serbian football. They play their home matches at the stadium which according to some sources called "stadion u Dolji" or simply "stadion FK Borac". According to the same source, the capacity is 2000 spectators, although they only have a small wooden stand. Club uses the ground at this location since 1955. In their long history they have won the trophies. These are two Cups of Football Association of Zrenjanin, in year 1999 and 2011.