FK Sokolac 0-3 FK Tomislavci

OFL B.Topola-M.Iđoš - VI
Bački Sokolac
att: 35

Village Bački Sokolac is only 3 kilometers away from Krivaja and this was my last destination for the sunday. I arrived to see only the last half hour but it was quite enough. This was a local league matches or six ranking competitions. Also this was the some kind of derby, because these are teams from two neighboring villages, and the rivalry has always existed. How much they "spend" on the game says one situation. When guest attacker told his player to goes behind his back and this he replied that he could not because it will not return to defend, it was so funny. FK Sokolac is founded in 1936 and is always played in the lowest league, but well remember that it is always difficult to play here. For spectators there is a bench behind the dugouts, but behind the goal on the south side there is a concrete field which has a stand perfect for watching events on the ground. It is also interesting that they have concrete dugouts.

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