Subotica Spartanci 7-34 S. Mitrovica Legionaries

Superliga, Divizija Sever
Stadion "Bratstvo", Subotica

Yes, I watched my first live match in American football. Serbian Super League, North Division. And what else to say? I have no idea about this sport, a completely new experience.
But what is important, ground on which they played is football ground. He belonged to football club Bratstvo, that no longer exists. They share the fate of some other city, factory clubs. They were shut down during the privatization process of factories. Ground without stand, only a small, nicely hill on the east side. Dugouts
are below it. Changing rooms are quite far behind the goal on the north side. 
A few pictures .... 

.... then match.

FK Potisje 0-6 FK Krivaja

PFL Subotica - V
Stadion FK "Potisje" u Narodnom parku, Kanjiža
att: 100

Kanjiža is a town and municipality with population of 10.000 inhabitants. Football club Potisje is old club, founded in 1919. During the last few years they are in a crisis situation, so no wonder they are in last place at the table. This was a regional league match of Subotica (PFL Subotica), and ticket for the match has cost 100 dinars (1 euro). The stadium has one stand on the west side. Behind the goal on the north side, is the club building with changing rooms and a buffet, while behind the goal on the south side is additional field. Behind the dugouts on the east side, and behind the stands on the west, is the characteristic red fence. Potisje is name of the whole region around the river Tisa, but Potisje is also local factory for the making roof tiles and a fence is made ​​of them.

FK Horgoš

Horgoš is a village located in Kanjiža municipality. FK Horgoš Higlo is a new club that was established in 2009. In the earlier period also existed FK Horgoš, which by the occurrence of a sponsor named FK Zlatibor Voda. After the climb to the Serbian League Vojvodina and winning first place in 2007/08, which led to the First League of Serbia (2nd rank), the club merged with FK Spartak Subotica. Today club plays in MFL Kanjiža-Čoka-N.Kneževac, which is the sixth tier of Serbian football. The stadium has a stand on the west side, with open standing on the east and north, while behind the goal on the south side, passes railroad tracks


FK Peščara Šupljak

Šupljak is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Subotica municipality. FK Peščara does not exist anymore. While competed, played in the city's football league, which is the sixth and lowest rank of the competition. Many times was the league champion, but often does not enter the higher rank due to lack of funds. Ground was one of the best in the municipality, and even in the earlier period on it trained the national team when it was prepared in Subotica and the region

FK Bajša

Football club in village Bajša was founded in 1931, under the name BSK. Later, they change the name of the club, first Sloga, then Partizan and now competes under the name FK Bajša. The club is usually a member of the Regional Football League (PFL) Subotica, but he spent one season in 2nd league of Vojvodina, group "North", and one season in the first Vojvodina league. Curently plays in PFL Subotica, with ambitions to play next season in the higher rank.