FK Borac Sakule 3-1 FK Borac Starčevo
Vojvođanska liga "Istok" - IV
Stadion Sveti Nikola, Sakule
att. ~340

The St. Nicholas Stadium and the St. Nicholas Church.
The stand was built in 2013, capacity 256 seats.

House of football

Just a few km away from the Belgrade-Novi Sad highway on the road to Stara Pazova there is a beautiful sports complex, popularly known as the house of football. The completed object was officially opened in 2011 as one of the most modern soccer centers in Europe. The Centre has four football fields with natural grass and one field with artificial grass, including two which have professional lighting. Seats for about 3,000 spectators are planned around the main field, so there are all conditions for the official games in younger categories which include tournament games under the UEFA.

Germany 4-0 Georgia
UEFA Under-17 ch., Elite round, group 5
Sports Center of FA of Serbia, Stara Pazova
att. ~40

Serbia 2-1 Republic of Ireland
UEFA Under-17 ch., Elite round, group 5
Sports Center of FA of Serbia, Stara Pazova
att.  ~150


FK Radnički Obrenovac 4-1 FK Rakovica
Srpska liga Beograd - III
Stadion Radničkog na Vašarištu - Obrenovac
att. ~ 150

Obrenovac is situated 30 km south-west of central Belgrade. Frequent departures of buses make this town easily accessible. Whether you come by bus or by car at the entrance to the town from the direction of Belgrade on the left side of the road is in sight construction of semi finished stadium. 
As at the national level, football and FK Radnički Obrenovac retained the title of most popular sport in town. The club, a popular "Raba", is founded in 1927. The biggest success was playing in the first rank of the competition at the beginning of the 21th century. With this success, there are also plans to build a new stadium so that in 2001 began construction which unfortunately was never completed.
The stadium is located next to the river Kolubara, which flows to the east of the town on its way to join the river Sava. That is why stadium is called "Stadion pored Kolubare" although the official name is "Stadion Radničkog na Vašarištu". Vašarište is the site where is located. There exist two stands, of which the one has somewhere around 500 seats and the total capacity of the stadium is estimated to be around 7,000. 
On match day is gathered only around 150 spectators although admission was only 200rsd. Tickets are available on the gate before match. The match itself was pretty interesting, considering that guests team are at the beginning took the lead, while "Raba" until the end of the match, turned result in their favor and won convincingly. 


FK Palilulac 0-1 FK Baćevac
Beogradska zona - IV
Stadion FK Palilulac - Krnjača, Beograd
att. ~60

FK Bratstvo 
Krnjača, Beograd 


FK Zmaj 1953 0-2 FK 13.Maj
1. Beogradska liga - V
Stadion FK Zmaj, Zemun
att. ~90

SRC 11.April

Beograd, Serbia

The club is founded in 1913 under the name BUSK (the acronym for the Belgrade University Sports Club). Currently plays in Međuopštinska liga Beograd, grupa "A" (6th league). Their home ground is SRC 11.April.

UFK Studentski Grad
Beograd, Serbia

The club is founded in 1989 and currently plays in Međuopštinska liga Beograd, grupa "A" (6th league). Their home ground is SRC 11.April, which share with another student club FK BUSK.

visited in March 2014


FK Zvezdara
Beograd, Srbija

The club is founded in 1951, through history has changed several names, FK Bulbuderac, BSK, OFK Zvezdara. It is a club with a long tradition who played in all competition ranks and currently plays in Beogradska zona (4th league). Their ground "Stadion na Bulbulderu" is located next to SC Inge. Despite some earlier plans for the construction of the stands, they do not exist.

visited in March 2014

SC Inge

FK Mladi Proleter
Beograd, Serbia

The club is founded in 1949, currently plays in Međuopštinska liga Beograd, grupa "B" (6th league). Their ground is SC Inge, which was opened in 1970. The current capacity of the stadium is 925 seats.

visited in March 2014


Venue: Barička kolonija
City: Barič, Serbia
Club: FK Prva Iskra (founded in 1948)
 League: Prva Beogradska liga, grupa "B" - V

 March 2014

The Derby of Vojvodina

FK Spartak 1-1 FK Vojvodina
Jelen Super liga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: ~1,500 
The Derby of Vojvodina did not meet expectations. Ended without a winner and it is interesting that both goals scored in the first twenty minutes. The first half was quite meaningfully compared to the second half, because it played in a high tempo. In the second half, there was not much excitement, so until the end result remained unchanged. 
Photos from the match you can view here.


Ásotthalmi TE 0-1 Tisza Volán SC Szeged
Csongrád megyei I.osztály -
Ásotthalmi Sportpálya, Ásotthalom, Hungary