FK Preporod 1-2 FK Tisa

PFL Subotica - V
SD Preporod, Novi Žednik
att: 80

Novi Žednik is a village located in the Subotica municipality.  I do not know why I decided to go by train to the match. My last rail journey, to Senta, was a disaster. Today I missed the kick off, because the train on the route of twenty kilometers in the arrival was late an hour! Anything is possible in Serbia. But somehow, I came to the match. Five league match, so is football. Admission was free of course. Once all on this ground was in better condition than it is today, but such are the times. Otherwise, I met a couple guys I know. When I told why I was here, looked at me strangely. Groundhopping? They love  football and their club, but grounds... Preporod even has its own group of fans, local boys, who are called Red Devils. Today they were not in the element, even though they organized to go to away games against their biggest rivals, such as Čantavir. Hosts had lost today's match, but their place is in the middle of the table as well for years and the fans are happy for another season of football in their village.

 What is the territory?
Yugo, pride of car industry in the former Yugoslavia
Best place for watching is the roof!

FK Hajduk Kula 3-0 FK BSK Borča

Jelen Superliga - I
PSC Hajduk, Kula
att: 2000

Again in Kula. But there are now some new winds blow. The new administration and a new team. Unlike previous seasons when the struggle for existence was inevitable, this season two victories at the start. Even the stadium is "washed". Also is taken care of internal wall of the stadium and he is painted in blue, and even the pitch is much better. And perhaps most importantly an electronic scoreboard is set up. Unfortunately it is still a rarity in the Serbian stadiums. At this game admission was free. Probably all this has contributed to the visit. Around 2000 people is a great result and I do not remember that so many people were at this stadium in past few seasons.

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Love for football

Love for football can be expressed in various ways. This picture was taken in one village. Fantastic...

UEFA Women´s Champions League , day 3

UEFA Women´s Champions League , qualifying round, group 5

game 1
ŽFK Spartak Jaffa 11-0 Mosta FC  
(at City stadium, Subotica)

Because both matches played at the same time I did not present at this match.

game 2
Glasgow City LFC 5-0 Klaksvík 
Stadion kraj Somborske kapije (Bačka), Subotica 
att: 80

The match was played at the stadium that I already had the opportunity to show on this blog on this page. Even before the match was played it was known who was the favorite here, but it almost was a draw ... in corner kicks, 2-1 for Glasgow. A team from the Faroe Islands is only three or four times crossed the half of pitch with the ball. All in all European women's football days were passed in Subotica and it is very nice what has happened here, although I do not know how UEFA allowed to play on the ground when on it, for example, there is no toilets for spectators. Probably they thought that there would not be interest in this match but it gathered about eighty people.

Who said there was no interest in this match? Even Messi was here... : )

Yet the most interesting was on the half-time when the Glasgow substitute players played match against the kids from a local club. The kids won 4-0!

FK Spartak ZV 2-0 FK Crvena Zvezda

Jelen Superliga  - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 12000

FK Spartak in the premier championship match of the new Jelen Super League defeated FK Crvena Zvezda with a 2-0 in front of 12000 football fans (home club source). This was also a record of visits to the city stadium in last few years regarding club officials, but I am not sure about number of crowd. In different daily newspapers and internet portals that number is very various and  ranging from 8-13000. Everything is possible in Serbia.
Annoys me yet another matter. Today on the stands dominated red colour, although blue is the color of the host. In Serbia, all is divided by the Partizan and Crvena Zvezda, so there are rare stadiums where local audience cheering for their local team in the matches against them. 
Admission was 200-350 dinars which is about 2-3,5 euro. The old practice continues, tickets for the game are printed without opponent name for the entire season in advance, I guess it's a cheaper option for some couple of euros.


UEFA Women´s Champions League , day 2

UEFA Women´s Champions League , qualifying round, group 5
Gradski stadion, Subotica

game 1
Glasgow City LFC 8-0 Mosta FC
att: 80

Despite the intense heat, Glasgow City showed their intent right from the start and running out comfortable 8-0 winners. Mosta FC had no shot on goal or attempt at all.

game 2
ŽFK Spartak Jaffa 4-2 KÍ Klaksvík
att: 500

Much harder than anyone expected Spartak has defeated Klaksvik. With this victory the host remained in the competition for passing in next round. Probably because of the defeat in the first round, today much less crowd attended the match. It seems to me that the home crowd is a bit spoiled.


UEFA Women´s Champions League , day 1

UEFA Women´s Champions League , qualifying round, group 5
Gradski stadion, Subotica

The road to the UEFA Women's Champions League final in Munich on 17 May 2011 kicks off. Matches of qualifying group 5 will take place in the Serbia. Host of mini-tournaments in Subotica is ŽFK Spartak, champions of Serbia. This group also included Glasgow City LFC champions of Scotland, Mosta FC champions of Malta and KÍ Klaksvík champions of Faroe Island. Five matches will be held at the city stadium, while the one in the last round will be played at Stadion kraj Somborske kapije. For all matches is free admission. Winners plus the two best runners-up in all eight groups will proceed to the draw for the next two-legged knockout phase. I will watch all these games in my neighborhood as preparation for the start of the upcoming season and hopefully many new grounds.

game 1
KÍ Klaksvík 1-0 Mosta FC
att: 70

Teams from Faroe Island and Malta opened tournament. In front of seventy viewers, teams have played matches in a soporific rhythm but it was interesting to watch the reactions and noise of players on the field. KÍ Klaksvík has won by one goal, I think deservedly. All in all a most interesting details was when the players threw shirts into the crowd! Just joking....

game 2
Glasgow City LFC 4-0 ŽFK Spartak Jaffa
att: 1000

Spartak players have lost this match from the team has more experienced and who is physically and technically superior. From the first minutes Scotswoman have been a better rival and in relation to the first game played today is a big difference in quality. These women play football and it kind. Really was a great game to watch and I think that none of the audience did not regret what has come even though the home team lost. But the home team were mostly still teenagers, so for them there are times in the coming years to show more. Both these teams are, in my opinion, a great favorite in the coming matches that follow.

FK Partizan 1-1 KRC Genk

UEFA Champions League, 3rd qualifying round
Stadion Partizana, Beograd
att: 30000

KRC Genk booked their place in the UEFA Champions League play-offs. But my impression was that it was completely undeserved. Fantastic crowd, full stadium and a great wheater for football. The exceptional atmosphere in the stadium, which in some moments, froze the blood in the veins of the opponent. And again a penalty for KRC Genk. I had to take a look at the match statistics, 14 goal attempts for FK Partizan against 4 for KRC Genk. Partizan absolutely dominated, but was again allowed himself a blunder from which the guests are pulled out the maximum and passed further. Do you know of a Murphy law..."everything that can go wrong, will go" and that's it. It's a shame for this wonderful crowd that will not watch the Champions League again.
Partizan stadium was built in 1949. The former capacity was 55000, but at the time of plastic chairs he is reduced in 1998. and now capacity is 32710, all seated.