FK Bačka 1901 1-0 AFK Ada

Vojvodjanska liga "Istok" - IV
"Kraj Somborske kapije", Subotica
att: 80

FK Bačka 1901 is a football club from the city of Subotica. The city of Subotica is located at the northern part of Serbia, along the border to Hungary. The club is the oldest club in Serbia, established on 3rd August 1901. At the time of its founding it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Founded under the name Szabadkai Athletikai Club Bácska, with red and white club colours, and through history the name has changed several times (Bačka, Građanski, Sloboda, Bratstvo, Zvezda). He has performed in all categories of competition, and twice was a participant in 1st league in Yugoslavia (1923, 1925). Now, for decades, plays in the third or fourth rank of competition. 
Entrance to the match was free. Rain was falling continuously. Only a few most loyal supporters and veterans of the club watched this match. Stadium on the west side, has an old, wooden stand which is covered. In front of it, has a concrete stand, on both sides of the tunnel from which players exit to the ground. On the east side behind benches for the reserve players, there is a concrete stand, that is not used for a long time.

Besides ground is a famous bazaar
Announcement of the match
Main stand
Club logo
Additional field
Stairs to stand
Lining up
Corner kick
We are going to the stand
Local tv recording match
View of play
Goalkeeper is a behind pillar!
Wooden seats, with numbers
East stand
View of play from a different angle

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