FK Hajduk Stapar 0-0 FK Omladinac Deronje
PFL Sombor - V
Igralište u Staparu
att. ~70

100 Rsd
Stapar is a village in the northwest part of Bačka, located 14 km south of Sombor. Through the years there have been changing playgrounds and club names, but football has always been and remains an important factor in rural life. Football club Hajduk is founded in 1923. The club currently plays in PFL Sombor, which is 5th tier in Serbian football. As hosts play in their playground around the perimeter of the village. Their stadium has an old stand, partially covered by roof. As everywhere else in this league, admission fee is charged, but in return get a valuable piece of paper. 


FK Grafičar 1-2 FK Lepušnica
Beogradska zona - IV
Stadion FK Grafičar, Beograd
att: ~100

FK Grafičar is football club based in Belgrade, in suburb called Senjak. The club was founded 1922 and he is one of the oldest Belgrade amateur clubs. The club colour is purple. Currently plays in Belgrade zone, which is fourth rank of the competition. Stadium FK Grafičar is located at Topčiderska zvezda just 5km from the bus and railway station. Address is Vase Pelagića 31. Tickets are available on the gate for 100rsd. Before the start of the new season seats were set up and now stadium is all-seater with a capacity of 457.


FK Dorćol 3-3 FK Turbina
Srpska liga Beograd - III
Stadion GSP Polet, Beograd
att: 155

FK Dorćol plays together with FK GSP Polet at stadium near Nebojša tower. Adress: Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića 10a, Belgrade. Tickets (photocopy?!) for Dorćol matches can be bought at the gate. Ticket price are 150rsd. If you do not want to pay the ticket, there is the possibility of watching the match from part of the Kalemegdan wall. Only it's dangerous...


FK Mladost Lučani 1-2 FK Vojvodina N.Sad
Jelen Super liga - I
Stadion Mladosti, Lučani
att: ~1,500

The municipality and city Lučani is located in Western Serbia, on the road that leads from Čačak to Užice. FK Mladost is a football club from Lučani, established in 1952. Team color is blue. The greatest successes of the club include fifth place in the championship in 1996 and quarter-finals of the National Cup next year. The club currently plays again in the highest rank of the competition, after six years of playing in the second division. They play home matches at the stadium Mladost. Its capacity is over 8,000. Tickets for Mladost matches can be bought at the gate on the day of the match.  

Nova Varoš

City: Nova Varoš
Club: FK Zlatar
Stadium: Branoševac
Cap. ~750
FK Zlatar is football club from Nova Varoš. The city is located in the southwestern part of Serbia on the road which connects Belgrade with the Montenegrin coast. The club was formed in the early twenties of the last century. The greatest achievement was playing in the third rank of the competition. FK Zlatar currently plays in the Zona Drina, which is 4th rank of competition in Serbia. Their home stadium is Branoševac with overall capacity of a few thousand on two stands, one of which is covered with 750 seats
Visited in july 2014.


City: Kosjerić
Club: FK Crnokosa
Stadium: Stadion kraj Skrapeža
Cap. ~
FK Crnokosa is football club from Kosjerić, town and municipality in Western Serbia near the mountain tourist center Divčibare. The club is founded in 1923. The biggest success of the club is playing in the Serbian league, third ranking competition. FK Crnokosa currently plays in Zlatiborska okružna liga, which is 5th rank of competition in Serbia. Their home stadium is Stadion kraj Skrapeža which is located next to the city's stadium.
City stadium in Kosjerić:
Visited in July 2014.