FK Rusin

Ruski Krstur is a village in the municipality of Kula. It is a cultural center of Rusyn national minority in Vojvodina, Serbia. Football club Rusin was founded in 1923, from which later grew to the same name sports society, with teams in various sports. FK Rusin curently plays in MFL-Sombor Apatin-Kula-Odžaci, which is the sixth tier of Serbian football. They play their home matches at the stadium "Jaraš". After you pass through the gate with a rusted club name, enter it in the middle of concrete stand. Stand is on the west and on the other side to the east behind the dugouts there is an auxiliary pitch. It is interesting how close to the houses is the only stand.
Welcome to "Jaraš"
The best view is from the neighbor's toilet!
Children playground
View at the stand
And what is God's sake this? Scoreboard?!

FK Sutjeska B. D. Polje

Bačko Dobro Polje is a small village in Serbia and it belongs to the municipality of Vrbas. Sutjeska is a football club from Bačko Dobro Polje. The club was founded in 1946. According to their Montenegrin roots, they named the football club after the club from the Montenegrin town of Nikšić.
At the end of the nineties they played in the third rank of competition. Curently they plays in the PFL Novi Sad (regional league), which is fifth rank of competition in Serbia. They have organized groups of fans under the name Blue Tigers.
Their stadium is called "Stadion kraj sušare" or simply Stadion FK Sutjeska. One concrete stands on the west and the auxiliary field behind the goal in the north, next to an old house that represents the club's building, is what makes this stadium. 

OFK Beograd 5-0 FK Kolubara

Kup Srbije 2011/12, 1/8 finals
Omladinski stadion, Beograd
att: 350
Omladinski stadion (Youth stadium) is located on Belgrade's urban neighborhood Karaburma. From large stadiums is closest to the center of BelgradeIt was built in 1957 and almost from the very beginning of existence of the stadium, its official users is OFK Beograd. Omladinski stadium is multi use object. When it opened, the stadium had a capacity of around 28,000 spectators. Today, that number was reduced to 11,500 seats. Behind the east stand, as part of the stadium are auxiliary field, which is covered with artificial grass and a small pitch, also with artificial grass. The smallest east stand and lower part of the west stand is covered. Since the construction of stadium, there were no serious reconstruction. So the stadium itself is in very poor condition.
The name OFK Beograd, means Youth Football Club Belgrade. It was founded in 1911 as BSK. Since 1945 was named Metalac, and then again BSK. The club had changed its name once again in 1957 into today's OFK Beograd. The club has won five titles and four cups, nearly all that, long ago under the name of BSK.
Since I was still in Belgrade, this was an opportunity to look at the first match at this stadium. OFK Beograd easily jump over an obstacle in the Cup of Serbia called Kolubara. What to say about the game where the hosts won with five goals differences? Already in the seventh minute the first goal and the rest was all routine. Besides loyal local fans on the south stand,who are commonly known as Plava unija (Blue union), there were about sixty of visiting supporters, located on the northern stand. I was on the west stand where the admission was 400 rsd. Tickets are not specially printed for this match, but they used the same as for league matches. It is interesting that the entrance to the west stand is located at the crossroads and the other entrances are between houses and smaller streets. This is a beautifully designed stadium but he needed a total reconstruction. Urgently!

FK Crvena Zvezda 1-0 FK Banat

Kup Srbije 2011/12, 1/8 finals
Stadion FK Crvena Zvezda, Beograd
att: 6,241
Cold, windy but dry weather in Belgrade. The only game in town on Tuesday. What else could I do but go there, on the Red Star Stadium (Stadion Crvene Zvezde) but the majority just called him "Marakana". The stadium is multi use stadium and is used for football matches and athletic competitions. The stadium is all-seated and the capacity is around 53,000 seats. It is the home stadium of FK Crvena Zvezda (eng. Red Star) but is also in most cases, the stadium where plays national team. I often came upon him exactly in those circumstances, to support national team. 
The first football stadium in this location was constructed in 1927. That stadium was demolished in 1959 and on the its grounds started to build new, which was finished in 1963. Then he had a capacity of almost 110,000 viewers and therefore got the nickname "Marakana". Today the figure is significantly reduced by placing a chair on all four stand following the modernization of football facilities and respecting the rigorous demands of UEFA.
Back to game. In today's duel host was the favorite against a second league football team. We met Banat some time ago, you can see here. I went to the East where the tickets cost 400 rsd. To the north were the most dedicated fans, Delije. That stand was the most visited. It was still viewers in the east and west while the south was empty. "Red and White" have much trouble in this duel, during 90 minutes did not have any real goal chance against guests who fiercely defended and dangerously threatened from the counterattack. Fans from north again seek victory, but with play of their players can not be satisfied. At the end of the match, the most interesting things have happened. In 75 minutes the first goalkeeper from Africa defended for Red Star. It's not a joke. Up to this point the host has made all three substitutions of players. Then their goalkeeper was sent off but defender from Ghana stood at the goal. And when all expected penalty shootouts, referee at 96 minutes showed the penalty for Red Star. Added time was 5 minutes! Penalty, goal and the end of the match. 
Kick off
The West stand
View of play
The South stand
Part for away fans
The East stand
The East stand

On the East stand
Tea or non-alcoholic beer?
The view to the north

FK Omladinac Stepanovićevo

Stepanovićevo is a village in the municipality of Novi Sad. The village was established in the early twenties of the last century. Then it seems incredible that a football club founded in 1931. FK Omladinac curently plays in the PFL Novi Sad (regional league), which is fifth rank of competition in Serbia. 
Their stadium is located on the main road through the village. Concrete fence and the club crest on it clearly shows that there is a football ground. On the right side when you pass the gate are dressing rooms. When you enter on the left side is on entire length of the pitch open hard standing. On the opposite side to the east are dugouts and behind them is ground for the basket. What is interesting is the behind the goal on the north side. At first sight it would seem that is the stand. Maybe it is, but in the construction. I have not found any possibility of coming up on her. Strangely. There is another gate from the side streets which leads to these stand. And that's it. Another small ground on the list...

FK Spartak 0-0 FK Rad

Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 690

This was just one in a series of tough matches for host. Spartak footballers again failed to give their fans rejoice. Today's game was pretty boring for the crowd, most of the match ball was at middle of the pitch. Perhaps only twenty minutes before the end was a bit lively in the match. Admission was 250 rsd to the west and 150 rsd to the east. There were slightly fewer than 700 people and again I do not understand how the biggest daily newspaper published that there were twice as many people
I watched this match on the east stands the sector B. This is a part to the south where they are located away fans. To come to this stand must go to the north, go behind the dressing rooms and go up at last to the East B. Difficult, but at least it is marked by signs.
To the east B
Kick off
Charm to this game gave the fans who were at all times provide support to their teams. A local group of fans Marinci (blue marines) and away fans who were even more numerous, United force.
"Blue marines"
"United force"