FK Proleter NS 2-1 FK Mladost Lučani

Prva liga Srbija - II
Slana bara, Novi Sad
att: 400
It is not the first time that I come to this stadium but it is incredible that always follow me bad weather when I was here. With an occasional drop of rain, wind was retracted into the bones, as they say here. Fortunately, on the eastern stand, where I was, first row is sheltered behind the commercials.
There were about four hundred people on this match. Admission was 150 rsd which is 1.50 euro. Honestly lately, I often find the free entrance to the stadium, to gather more people. But also this is a small price to second league match. In the first half, many more events on the pitch. Three goals, three yellow cards, a lot of corners and hit into a crossbar for the hosts. In the second half, just goalpost and the crossbar once again to host and nothing more. It is interesting that in this stadium, there are four separate stands. One in the east and three in the west. The stadium was renovated three years ago, when it got its present form. Quite nice looking, the grass is excellent and there is also an electronic scoreboard, which is unfortunately still rare in Serbia.
Although the tickets is cheap, notice the people from the surrounding houses are using their terraces to watch the match, or at least part of it because I am sure they do not see every part of the pitch. 
Pictures from the previous visit to this stadium you can see here and here.

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