FK Obilić 2-1 AFK Ada

Vojvodjanska liga "Istok" - IV
Stadion "Obilić", Novi Kneževac 
att: 60

Novi Kneževac is a place with about 7.500 inhabitants. Until a few years ago there were two football clubs, Obilić and Novi Kneževac. Nowadays there are only FK Obilić, which was established back in 1930th.  They play their home matches at the stadium "Obilić", which has one stand. That stand was built in 1952. and it seems to me nothing has changed on it since then! Immediately on the entrance on the right side is the cafe, from which garden can also watch the games with your favorite drink on the table.
This was the match of the Vojvodina League East which is fourth rank of competition. Fight for survival. On notice of the match and on tickets for the match write that this match a group North (Sever), but the league is so called a few years ago and is simply unbelievable that still then there are stocks of printed tickets! Anyway, admission was 100din (1). At the beginning of the game were about sixty spectators. I heard that day were two weddings in town, otherwise would have been more people on the game


FK Proleter 4-1 FK Srem

Prva liga Srbija - II
Slana bara, Novi Sad
att: 100

What a day was! 20 minutes before the match, the sky has opened. Terrible rain, lightning, thunder and ice were falling, everything was flooded. This is the view from my car at the parking lot, a few meters in front of the stands.

And pitch?

 With a some delay the match is still played. Host convincing, better team. All goals were scored in the second half. Nice stadium. I was already on it, and the images you may see here. On this match there were about 100 spectators, the rain prevented many to come, that's for sure. The daily, sports newspaper writes that there were 300 people. I really do not know from where that number to them? Anyway, below are pictures from the match. Scoreboard worked only half hour, likely because of moisture has stopped working

 Rain was guilty for deleting lines on the pitch. On half time a master had to reinforce them

And why make such a large jerseys?


FK Index

FK Index is a football club from Novi Sad. For the second consecutive year they compete in Vojvodjanska liga "Zapad", which is the fourth tier of Serbian football. They football stadium "Đačko igralište" is located in Liman neighborhood in the student center. Nicely decorated stadium, with a cafe at the entrance, with a terrace from which you can also watch the matches. Balloon with a small ground inside, next to the ground, the new athletic track used by all recreationists, and two beautiful stands with around 500 seats.

FK Borac N.S.

FK Borac is Serbian football club based in Novi Sad. The club is founded in 1952, and curently plays in Vojvodjanska liga "Zapad", which is the fourth tier of Serbian football. He is currently in the first place, with great chances to play next season in the upper range. They football stadium is located in Klisa neighborhood in Novi Sad. When I was at the stadium, it was held in veterans tournament.