FK Subotica

FK Subotica 11-0 FK Čoka
PFL Subotica - V
Stadion Nikola Tesla ("Sever"), Subotica
att: 34


FK Sofeks Futog 3-1 FK Šajkaš 1908 Kovilj
Novosadska fudbalska liga - VI
Stadion Metalca, Futog
att: ~90


OFK Jugović Kać 2-2 FK Index Novi Sad
Vojvođanska liga Zapad - IV
SC Siget, Kać
att: ~80

At about ten kilometers from Novi Sad, on the way to Titel and Zrenjanin is Kać. This little place with 11,500 inhabitants is well connected to Novi Sad by the city's bus service. The most popular sport in the city is probably handball but football has its place.
Youth football club Jugović was founded in 1912. The club is among the oldest football clubs in Serbia and one of the few clubs who have the original founding document. It was formed as OKSK but in 1926 was given its current name. An interesting fact is that the club plays in a row for 21 year in the same rank of the competition. Their home ground is Sports Center Siget, in which in the early nineties of the last century was built concrete stand for around 1,200 spectators. Admission for today´s match was 100rsd which is less than 1€. In the clash of "gunners" and "students" draw is the fairest result of this match, uncertain until the very end.