FK Jedinstvo Martonoš 3-1 FK Jedinstvo Srpski Krstur
Potiska liga - VI
Igralište u Martonošu
att: 20
Martonoš is a village located in the Kanjiža municipality in the north of Serbia. The village football club was formed back in 1922. Over the years, several times he was extinguished but this year again began to play football in the village. At the entrance to the village on the right side when going from the direction of Kanjiža is their playground bordered by a fence of roofing tiles. A small house that serves as a dressing room and a lot of open space for the audience, for such a small village just enough.

HFC vs Csongrad

Hódmezővásárhely FC 2-1 Csongrád TSE
Csongrád megyei I osztály - IV
Városi stadion, Hódmezővásárhely 
att: 200

Hódmezővásárhely situates in the South part of the Hungary not far from Szeged. There is very frequent bus and train service to Hmvhely from Szeged and journey takes less than half hour. If arriving by car from Szeged follow directions to Oroshaza and the stadium lies shortly after city center on the left side of the road next to the market.
HFC or Hódmezővásárhely futball club is founded in 1912. The club plays matches at Hódmezővásárhelyi Municipal Stadium, which is owned and managed by the city. According to some sources, the stadium capacity is about 10,000. I had intention last year to come here while they played the third league, but they now plays in fourth league. Tickets for HFC matches can be bought on the gate before kickoff. Although the admission was only 400 forint (€ 1,4) at the game was a smaller number of viewers than I expected. Nice and warm weather, beer and football are attracted not more than 200 viewers at the stadium. 

TSC vs Partizan

TSC B.Topola 1-4 FK Partizan
Stadion u Gradskom parku, Bačka Topola
att: 2,500

Football club from Bačka Topola celebrated the centenary of the establishment and start kicking the ball in this small town, situated in the northern part of Serbia. Guest in this important moment was the actual champion Partizan.
The first football club in Bačka Topola, was formed in 1912 but officially exists since 1913. In early 1930-ies the club has started building a new stadium in the city park where the stadium is located today. Club changes several names through history (TSC, JAK, Egység, Topolya, AIK, Bačka Topola) but only under the name AIK played in the 2nd league, but overwhelmed with financial problems ceases to exist in 2003. After two years without football is formed new (old) club by merging with local club from Bajša under the name of the city, FK Bačka Topola. The club currently plays in the fourth rank of competition under that name although the club for the centenary has changed name in TSC, Topola sports club. The new name of the club in some way is also old, because it was the first name of a football club in Bačka Topola. Although the name change has already taken place these days, a football club as a team in the competition will not be able to change it until spring part of the championship.
City stadium is a located in the city park and already at the entrance to the park felt the big match atmosphere. Hundreds of people with blue and white pennants and boys in black-and-white jerseys hurriedly went to the stadium. Admission was free and the stadium was quite filled. Only the central section of the  western stands, in which there are about 570 seats was completely filled while on the other stands it was empty places. The host match started fiercely and only after four minutes scored for incredibly celebration on the stands. Unfortunately for them it was only from the hosts in this match. Guest has taken the game and in the end won convincingly although both have changed the entire teams during match. 
Centenary of the club was marked on the two more beautiful ways. A few hours before the match, the club was presented monography where with the help of hundreds of photos and tables to be summed hundred years of existence and on the occasion of the Jubilee one hundred years of football in Bačka Topola today all postal items from Bačka Topola are gone with the imprint of a specially-made stamp for this occasion. 


FK Mićunovo is football club based in Mićunovo, in the suburb of Bačka Topola. The club currently plays in Opštinska liga Bačka Topola-Mali Iđoš, which is the sixth-ranking competition in Serbia

ŽAK vs Granicar

FK ŽAK Sombor 2-1 FK Graničar Gakovo
PFL Sombor - V
Stadion kraj pruge, Sombor

Women´s Ch. league

Spartak SuboticaRossiyankaSpartak Subotica 2-4 Rossiyanka 
Women´s Ch. league, Round of 32, First leg
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 170

Subotica 06.10.

FK Elektrovojvodina 4-1 FK Hajduk B.Dušanovo
GFL Subotica - VI
"Nikola Tesla" (Sever), Subotica
att: 25

FK Solid 6-1 FK Bikovo
GFL Subotica - VI
"Solid", Subotica
att: 20