FK Crvenka

Football Club Crvenka formed in 1919. under the name CSK Červenka and under that name is compete until 1945. when he was named FK Spartakus. In 1962. is merged with FK Jedinstvo and the club got its present name FK Crvenka, according to place where it is located. Since then the club was quickly and strongly developed. He became very popular. The score was improved from year to year. In 1970. he became a member of the First League of former Yugoslavia, but after only one season they were relegated. Since then they have played in the second and third league, while the last two seasons playing in the regional league of the town of Sombor (PFL Sombor), which is the fifth-ranking competition in Serbia. Their stadium was once the capacity of about 5.000 spectators. Today looked a bit depresing. There are two concrete stands, hard standing. I hope you all can experience fine in the pictures, because when I was on it, it was raining.

The entrance to the ground
West stand
Stands overgrown with grass
Yes, there are holes ...
View from the west stands
Covered part
Another view of the west stand
This is entrance for players
East stand
East stand
East stand
Stands overgrown with bushes
South end
North end

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