OFK Vrbas 2-0 FK Šajkaš

PFL Novi Sad - V
"Šlaiz", Vrbas
att: 120

Vrbas is a town in Serbia, from Novi Sad 44 km far away, and from Subotica 60 km, with slightly fewer than 26.000 inhabitants. Vrbas has for years been proud of a football stadium "Šlaiz", who was supposedly in the old Yugoslavia had one of the best grass courts. FK Vrbas has so far played between 2nd league and 4th league without showing too much ambition to move to the first league. OFK Vrbas is established in 2007. after the bankruptcy of FK Vrbas.
Their stadium "Šlaiz" is located in a part of the industrial zone on the road to Kula. Old sign showing where you should turn to him.

This was a match of the regional league of Vojvodina, PFL Novi Sad, which is the 5th tier of Serbian football. Admission on game was free.

The first thing you see when you went to the stadium is disrepair around the stadium. The walls of the stadium, box office and club buildings are all from a past times. On the main entrance was once a restaurant. When you enter on stadium, on the left side behind the goal is the club facilities and manual scoreboard. The stadium has connected stands on three sides, with 6 rows of concrete, only on main grandstand there are more 6 rows of steel stands. On them in the central part, which is covered, is also part of the wooden benches and some vip part with some forty wooden chairs.

After the game, following rest at a railway station and a trip.

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