FK Solunac Karađorđevo

Solunac does not exist for many years. This was a football club founded in 1950, from the village Karađorđevo, near Bačka Topola, Serbia. Their golden age was during the nineties when a lot of money earned from the smuggling oil and cigarettes invested in the club. Such a time was, and even the village of 500 people had a second-league club in season 2001/02. It's simply had to be of short duration. Club comes down from football map in 2002 when they merged with Palić. Too bad is only that stadium which was then made ​​today does not serve anyone. I think the last few years it played a club called Napredak, but now there is nobody on it. These are images of Sports centre "Jerković Jovan-Joca"...

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