FK Spartak 0-0 FK Sloboda

Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 2000

Well this time there will be no pictures from the match. After has failed my idea of ​​traveling to a third league match, I went to the Spartak. Of course where I'd spent a saturday afternoon than watching the green carpet at some stadium. My closest and largest match was these. I did not take my camera, the images of this stadium has a lot here. Admission was free and this is one of the reasons that had gathered around two thousand people. Here is a domestic audience a little spoiled if there is no result there is no them. But this was match two undefeated teams in the first 4 rounds and was supposed to be a good match. Had to be but did not, the game was boring with only occasional opportunities for goal. I just liked the another thing. Management of the club decided to do a little something about marketing. Besides that the day before the match in the city center organized a gathering with the players and sharing equipment they made ​​a nice event at halftime. Nobody could enter to the stadium without tickets, of course, free of charge. Each ticket has a serial number and somewhere around a hundred spectators had gone home, after the contests, with the original jerseys, scarves, hats and even a vuvuzelas. Otherwise with the ticket is shared match programme, which is extremely unusual for the Serbian situation. Regarding the Spartak, latest program wich I got was even 17 years ago when they played a cup final. I'd have what to say about the program but it does not matter this time, but I would like that it becomes a tradition. About guests on another occasion when we see their stadium.


Match programme

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