FK Njegoš 1-0 FK Vinogradar

PFL Subotica - V
"Njegoš", Lovćenac
att: 60

Lovćenac is a village located not far from Bačka Topola, and its population numbering around 3.700 people. On this ground play their home games Njegoš football club, which is competing in the regional league of Subotica, which is the 5th tier of Serbian football. Ground is in on one side cut into the hill, and there's only one stands, which on the top have covered part. Stands also has some 300 seats. This was match of regional league Subotica, which is the fifth rank of competition.

Club logo
Official entry
Besides the ground is a basketball court
On the west stand
View of play
West stand
A view from the pitch

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