OFK Tavankut 4-0 FK Sloboda St.M.

PFL Subotica - V
Stadion u Tavankutu, Tavankut

 OFK Tavankut is football club from village Donji Tavankut, also known simply as Tavankut. Club was founded in 1950. This stadium was built in 2003-2004, at a time when the club recorded the biggest successes by playing in the third rank of of the competition. After three years of playing, in 2006 Tavankut merged with Palić Koming into Palić Koming. After that OFK Tavankut moving again from the lowest rank. Curently plays in PFL Subotica, which is the fifth tier of Serbian football. In their stadium maintained even international matches of the lower categories. Stadium has 788 seats, on the main west stand 708 and another eighty on the east stand. This was the last round which is why was a little spectators at the match. So at least say the locals with whom I spoke. Admission was 100din (1€). All in all a nice stadium, I was quite surprised, as I was last time here about ten years ago.


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