FK Šampion 4-0 FK Hajduk Podlokanj
Potiska liga - VI
Igralište u Oromu, Orom
att: 22

Orom is a village in Serbia, in the municipality of Kanjiža. In this village, with around 1,500 inhabitants, football club was founded in 1973, under the name FK Orom. The club is almost always played in the lowest level of competition while the biggest success is playing in the upper range already in 1974 and so it was until the early nineties. After a successful season in 1991, the club was disbanded. Nearly a decade after the break, in 2002 is founded new club, FK Šampion (eng. Champion). But at that time, they have faced with a lot of problems. Poor infrastructure and conditions are disperse all players, so that the solution is found in merging with the club from the neighboring village Totovo Selo. Thus was created the football club Šampion-Olimpia which existed up last season. Today, they're once again two clubs. 



  1. Jel ima FK Sampion grb? Hvala na odgovoru!

    1. Ima, ali nema šanse pronaći ga na internetu. Imam jednu sliku gde se, doduše dosta slabo, vidi na dresu igrača.

    2. Da li bi mogao to nekako da mi posaljes, prosledis, ikako, nek se i vidi slabo meni je to dovoljno da ga obradim na racunaru i postavim na internet. Pa nema ga na internetu, inace ne bih ni pitao ovako.