FK Radnički Gladiolus 4-1 FK Hajduk Podlokanj
Potiska liga - VI
att: 40
Tornjoš is a village in the northern part of Serbia. Belongs to the municipality of Senta and is located on the regional road Senta - Bačka Topola. The main activity in the village of about 1,700 inhabitants is agriculture, but football occupies a very important place in their lives. In the village since 1947 there is a football club Radnički which brings together the local youth. Their stadium is not far from the main road and it is easy to find. For me it is a pleasant surprise ticket sales at the gate. Admission was 100rsd, which is less than one euro. On a small, quite failed stand gathered some forty local football fans, to enjoy the victory of their team. After the match the players have enjoyed a well-earned meal. Game and socializing, is there anything better?

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