FK Čukarički 2-0 FK Banat
Prva liga Srbija - II
  Stadion na Banovom brdu, Beograd
 att: 150
When I received a message from my friend from Poland, that the group of European groundhoppers arrive on the eternal derby in Belgrade, I did not much thought and I immediately went to Belgrade. The first game that I watched in the company of true fans of football was between Čukarički and Banat. 
FK Čukarički is football club from Belgrade, Serbia. The club was founded in 1926. It was founded under the name ČSK and from the beginning was wearing black and white colors. Since 1948, the club carries current name. In the mid nineties enters into first division and has since steadily between the two highest-ranking competitions. The biggest success was winning the sixth place and playing in the UEFA Intertoto Cup. The club currently plays in 1.liga Srbija, which is the second tier of Serbian football. Their stadium is located at Banovo Brdo in the southwestern part of Belgrade since 1969 when it was built. After renovations capacity of the stadium is 3,500 seats. 
For today's match, admission was free and is gathered around 150 people. In the not-so-interesting game after five games without victory Čukarički won 2-0.
When the match ended, after a short refreshing break, we're heading to the scene of eternal derby.



  1. I went to this too. Very impressed by the standard and a great taster for the Eternal Derby later in the day.
    Thank you also for your advice to go to Hajduk on Sunday, it was an eye opener to say the least.

  2. Here's my account, hope you like it.

    Hope to be back in Serbia soon

    1. I've seen your site. If you come to Serbia again, send me a mail.