Eternal derby

FK Crvena Zvezda 3-2 FK Partizan
Jelen Superliga - I
Stadion C.Zvezde, Beograd
att: 44,155

The eternal derby is the local derby in Belgrade in Serbia, between the most fierce rivals, Red Star and Partizan. These two teams are the most popular in the country. Derby matches were always greatly anticipated in the entire region and very popular in the world, so it's not surprising when a lot of people from abroad come to this match, especially groundhoppers. It is more than a game! There are many derbies in world football but very few compare to this. Incidents between the two sides are almost indispensable part of the story. Pyrotechnics, fireworks and incredible noise are always present at the match. This game is always of extreme importance for both sides as can often be decisive in championship. Still derby is the most beautiful thing in Serbian football. Today was the 143th and the first time it happened that one team leads at halftime and the second win at the end.


  1. Ćao, Saša!

    Samo da se javim i da ti čestitam na sjajnom blogu. Ti si ponos srpskih graundhopera :)

    Takođe, odličan rezultat na derbiju! :)


    Nenad (iz Irish Puba)

  2. Hvala za pohvale i drago mi je što si "svratio", a što se tiče rezultata.... :(