FK Titel 4-1 FK Tvrđava (Bač)
PFL Novi Sad - V
"Stadion na Vašarištu", Titel
att: 94

100 Rsd

Titel is town and a municipality in South Bačka district, and has about 6,000 residents. Above the town is located Titel hill, and the city is located near the mouth of Begej and the Tisa rivers. Titel is very easily accessible from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin. The quickest way to this town is to go through the regional southern Bačka road from Novi Sad to Banat
FK Titel is local football club, founded in 1912. In the period between the two world wars a few times changed its name (TAK, Građanski) and after the World War II was moved to its current location at the Vašarište (fairground). The stadium has one covered stand but it is quite old. The club currently plays in PFL Novi Sad, which is fifth tier.

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