FK PIK Prigrevica 0-0 FK Banat Zrenjanin
Srpska liga Vojvodina - III
Stadion FK Bratstvo, Prigrevica
att: ~250

Prigrevica is village located 9 km east from Apatin, in the West Bačka in Serbia. Football club is founded in 1946, under the name Bratstvo. While carrying current name PIK Prigrevica, again is actual story of the return of the old name. The club plays at "Bratstvo" stadium, to which is the only approach over the railway line. The stadium is located behind the train station. It has besides the old wooden stands, one new roofed stand, built in 2012, with capacity of 125 seats. Tickets are available on the gate for a price of 100rsd. 

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