FK Teleoptik 1-3 FK Napredak
Prva liga Srbija - II
  SC Partizan-Teleoptik, Zemun
att: 600
Admission is 100 Rsd (1€)

The Sports Centre “Partizan-Teleoptik”, also known as “Zemunelo”, is situated on the surface of almost 10 hectares, in the west part of Zemun. At present, it`s a training and preparatory base of all Partizan selections, through the 2nd division team of Teleoptik, which is practically Partizan b-team. Sports Centre currently contains several grass and all-weather pitches. 
It's nice, but when you pass through the gates of the stadium on the left side is the only mounting stand, and during the match is not allowed to leave! It is not allowed to approach the fence and certainly come to the other side of the pitch. Security just doing their job, so they say. For me this is nonsense. That is why I only have a couple of pictures. 
At the pitch Napredak footballers once again confirmed the role of the first favorite for placement in a superleague. With goals in the finish of the match only consolidate their position at the table. 


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  1. In Russia and Ukraine is also that the protection does not allowed to enter the your comfort zone for make a few photos. This happens even in the 2 and 3 leagues. Idiots!