FK Obilić 7-0 FK Zuce
Treća Beogradska liga, grupa A - VII
  Stadion FK Obilić, Beograd
att: 75
Stadium FK Obilić is located in Vračar municipality in Belgrade. This stadium is the home ground of FK Obilić, club which is founded in 1924. The stadium has a seating capacity for 4,508 people. Despite its long history, Obilić's most notable period occurred during 1990s when it was operated by controversial owners. The club won the national league in the 1998, which allowed it to compete in Champions league qualifying.
After that, they played a few more seasons in the top rank of competition and fell to the status of mediocre and went down to seventh league, where are competing today.

"Vitezovi sa Vračara"(the knights of the Vračar)

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