FK Sloga Čonoplja 2-2 FK Radnički Ratkovo
PFL Sombor
- V
SC Čonoplja, Čonoplja
att: 38
Čonoplja is the old village located 11 km northeast from Sombor. Football are played here already in the twenties of the last century. The beginning of football is related to the year 1924 when appeared club under the name ČSK, although there are no precise data on its origin. After World War II, in July 1945 is founded football club Sloga. It is interesting that one can find a club logo with different years of establishment, 1924 and 1945. This club has achieved the greatest success in 2003 and qualified for the Vojvodina League, fourth rank of competition. But most often the club competes in regional and municipal leagues of Sombor.
Today's match was the fifth league match. Admission was 100 Rsd (1€) and that was quite a surprise for us. I can not recall that anyone in this rank of competition asked money for entrance, but in any case, for me it was great, another ticket in the collection. Sports Center has a football pitch and a concrete handball court, in addition there is also a "kafana"(café), but everything is old and dilapidated. As for the players themselves can see that they are not physically ready but neither with football knowledge are not the best, at least not all.


  1. Хвала!
    It is very unusual that this level of football you have to pay. But I am convinced that any football should not be free. Any, even the smallest amount should be. 1 euro - good!

    1. I agree with you, any football should not be free. As I have said I want to pay the ticket, and that I have it in the collection, but in Serbia, second and third league you can watch for 1 € or even free. That is unusual. On the other hand I do not like to pay admission and not get a ticket, as is the case in the Swedish lower leagues.

    2. You are right. From my point of view, the outsider will not go to the stadium if it needs to pay. In the matches of this level in Russia and Ukraine, a lot of foreign people who come to the stadium to drink vodka, and football does not interest them. If they are forced to pay, they will not come.