Spartak, pride of the city

FK Spartak 3-0 FK Crvena Zvezda
Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 7,500

"Why some support  their own local club? When your club has never been first, when your club will probably never be first, why somebody going consistently to matches of its city club, who had been played by the years in lower leagues. Why? It is a question that is decades old. Because I love my  neighborhood  where I was born and where I grew up. Because I do not have another town. Because I love my neighborhood where I met my buddies, made ​​friends for the lifetime and I do not have other end. Because I love my street where I made my first steps, the street where I am every day, it is small and nondescript but it's mine! Because I looked the first game at the stadium of Spartak. The stadium is old and dilapidated, no floodlights, no scoreboard but it is my stadium and I do not have second stadium. Because the first jersey that I saw was a blue white. Perhaps for the others that color jersey is ugly and irrelevant but these are my colors and for the other colors I do not know. And my love and attitude I will extend to my children, if you do that, all you who are reading this, in front of our club and the city is beautiful future."
Blue Marines, Subotica

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  1. A short but very moving report that brought tears to my eyes.
    I'm coming to the Belgrade derby but I'm really looking forward to seeing some lower league action on Sunday.
    Keep the faith !