FK Spartak 0-0 FK Rad

Jelen Superliga - I
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 690

This was just one in a series of tough matches for host. Spartak footballers again failed to give their fans rejoice. Today's game was pretty boring for the crowd, most of the match ball was at middle of the pitch. Perhaps only twenty minutes before the end was a bit lively in the match. Admission was 250 rsd to the west and 150 rsd to the east. There were slightly fewer than 700 people and again I do not understand how the biggest daily newspaper published that there were twice as many people
I watched this match on the east stands the sector B. This is a part to the south where they are located away fans. To come to this stand must go to the north, go behind the dressing rooms and go up at last to the East B. Difficult, but at least it is marked by signs.
To the east B
Kick off
Charm to this game gave the fans who were at all times provide support to their teams. A local group of fans Marinci (blue marines) and away fans who were even more numerous, United force.
"Blue marines"
"United force"


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