FK Mladost N.S.

Very nice, sunny day in October. We pass by the car through Novi Sad and come to some football ground. You deliberately went there, my lovely wife exclaims. Yes, I answer. I had to. Just few shots and we continue. Ok, be quick.
FK Mladost is football club founded in 1972. Curently plays in GFL Novi Sad (city league), which is the six tier of Serbian football. Its stadium is located in Satelit neighborhood of Novi Sad. Nothing special. Dressing rooms behind one goal, a metal fence around the pitch and a very poor grass. Meadow. I with my sensitive joints, already after the first run, likely to end up in hospital with a gypsum at leg. Fortunately I do not play. Play some new kids. I found the fact that the club has fans who call themselves the Serbian coyotes. Probably the guys from surrounding buildings. I regret that I will not see them in action. Otherwise, I plan for the weekend again in Novi Sad to the match. I can not wait...



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