FK Hajduk Kula 0-0 FK Radnički 1923

Jelen Superliga - I
PSC Hajduk, Kula
att: 800

After two months I was back in Kula. Always a nice feeling when I come here. Today was a chilly weather, luckily it was the sun so that it disappeared behind the walls of the stadium I went to him to stand where it was still.  
Guests from Kragujevac are the only undefeated team in the league. Here they came for the point and won it. They are always follow a group of fans who are called "Đavoli" (eng. devils). Today it was close to one hundred. On the other side a couple of local kids went to support their club under the name "Zulu iz Kulu". I was behind them in the second half and I'm simply disappointed. Nothing of the real cheering, only cursing and bad language. From kids between 10 and 16 years, how old are they I suppose! This is unbelievable! I remember that fan group when it was founded in the early nineties. Hajduk was then played in the third division and the Zulu iz Kulu were representative fan group those years. But the guys who cheered then have grew, and the group broke up long ago.  
Today's not really good match was followed by about 800 spectators, believe me there was no more people, as some media reported. Admission was again free.
And another thing, do not try to skip the wall of the stadium, at the top is glass, no joke...

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