U-19 Tournament "Stevan Ćele Vilotić"

These days once again in Subotica is playing football with European connotations. One of the best known and most respected tournament, when it comes under the age 19 of national selection, Memorial tournament "Stevan Ćele Vilotić" this year was held by the 18 time. I have unfortunately been present only the last, third day. I am sure that the previous day were very good and interesting game, the results speak in favor of that.
These matches are played at four stadiums in Subotica and surrounding area. These stadiums, of course I have already visited, and these are stadiums in Bačka Topola, Čantavir and two in Subotica, the stadiums where play FK Spartak and FK Bačka 1901. On that third day I watched the first half of the first game since the second game started an hour later.

Results of  tournament:
I     Serbia 2-0 Hungary, Montenegro 3-2 Ukraine
II    Serbia 3-1 Montenegro, Hungary 2-0 Ukraine
III   Serbia 0-0 Ukraine, Montenegro 2-2 Hungary
1. Serbia
2. Hungary
3. Montenegro
4. Ukraine 

Montenergo 2-2 Hungary (at half time 2-0)
05.09.2011, 15:30 CET
Gradski stadion, Subotica
att: 35

Lineups before kick off
It is much easier to collect balls with the bike

Serbia 0-0 Ukraine
05.09.2011, 16:30 CET
Stadion kraj Somborske kapije, Subotica
att: 175

VIP chair
Lineups before kick off
Tournament trophies

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