FK Poljoprivrednik 2-3 FK Elektrovojvodina

GFL Subotica - VI
att: 40

Bikovo is a village in the Subotica municipality. From my house is about 15 kilometers away, the crow flies. However with asphalt road has to be about ten kilometers more. So I decided to go on a bike, field roads. GPRS in my head and through corn fields and dusty roads, I arrived at the destination. Now and never more.

My road :))
The first football club in the Bikovo was founded in 1952. As far I know, only two names have been altered in the name of the club, Bikovo and Poljoprivrednik. In the early nineties the club had a renaissance in higher rank but mostly played in the lowest, sixth rank of competition as well these days. On the ground there is only one small stand on the west, it seems to me that this is construction of railway wagon. Guests, who also have a long name, have won. I visited them last season in a game with also lot of goals.


  1. Stadion je baš kvalitetan :)))

    Puno pozdrava! Keep groundhopping! :)

  2. E pozdrav! Jako dobri blogovi. A i primetio sam da si iskopirao moju hijerarhiju fudbalskih liga u Srbiji. Ako treba dacu ti za ovu sezonu! Ima na par mesta izmena. Svako dobro!