Tompa SE

Tompa SE 1-0 Izsáki Sárfehér SE
Bács-Kiskun, Megyei I.osztály - IV
Tompai Sporttelep, Tompa, Hungary
att: 130

Since my plans to go to the match, which I announced have failed, I turned north and went to Hungary. Tompa is town located in Bács-Kiskun county in southern Hungary. By car, the town can be reached on Route 53 from Serbian-Hungarian border crossing to Kiskunhalas. If you prefer a bus, the bus station is situated on the Bem street at the central square, just a hundred meters west from the sports ground.
Tompai sporttelep is the home ground of Tompai SE. The football club is founded in 1922. and currently plays in Bács-Kiskun, Megyei I.osztály, which is the fourth tier of Hungarian fotball. Today's game was against Izsak, in 18 round of championship. Admission was 500ft, which is 1,70 €. Who does not want to pay a ticket can watch the match from the street or from the park which is located next to the fenced ground. When you pass through the front gate, on the left side is the cafe which offers a great refreshment break of the match, after match and relieve stress. Just beside it is a covered stand with plastic seats. On both sides of ground are the benches with such plastic seats so it's not the problem to find a place, depending on that do you like sun and wind or not. But the biggest crowd was at the sports cafe terrace. Just strange, does not?

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