FK Napredak

Kruševac, stadium Mladost. Home of the football club Napredak. The club was founded in December 1946. Napredak's biggest success is reaching the Yugoslav Cup final in 2000, and playing twice in Uefa Cup. Curently they plays in Prva liga Srbija, which is second rank competition in Serbian football. This stadium was renovated in 1976. when they built the stands. All supporting club facilities, as well as administrative facilities, are housed within the stadium. Until this summer there were 10.500 places for sitting (all seated), but just when I was in the stadium seats have been stripped  in order to put the new plastic seats with backrest for next season. The plan is also setting reflectors. I have to admit that the stadium gates were closed, but thanks to the kind people from the administration I got permission to go on the grass. The whole stadium just mine! 

Club home page you find here!


  1. With some renovation it could be a great stadium. A typical football ground without athletic track. I like it :)


    Do you have any idea when the fixtures for both Prva & Srpska liga will be released by FSS?

  2. No, I have no idea ... the problem is that the club which has made placement in the Super League, BASK, withdrew from her, so on Monday, 11.07. FSS must to decide who will play instead of them. Probably after that.

  3. Some sources claim that FK Novi Pazar will take the vacant place in Superliga. But Indjija is a decent candidate too. Look here:

    And obviously Prva Liga fixtures has released yet. Just found it here:

    Waiting for Srpska Liga fixtures and I'll plan some trips around.

    Balkan football rulzzz :))